Michala Petrovna Rubinstein - A Pageant as Miss Earth Can Create Awareness on Environmental and Climatic Issues (Actress, Miss Earth Fire 2020 & Miss Earth Denmark 2020)

Michala Petrovna Rubinstein

Photograph Credits: Pernille Worek

Michala Petrovna Rubinstein was born January 27, 1993, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is of Ukrainian and Israeli heritage. Starting at the age of 13, Michala started acting in school plays and short film productions.  

1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

I grew up in the suburbs north of Copenhagen in a small town surrounded by forests and lakes. I had a fairytale childhood, surrounded by animals, mushroom hunting, trips to the beaches, and a lot of traveling the world with my parents. 

I studied acting from early childhood, and took classes with various actors and directors in Denmark, before getting my acting degree in New York City where I lived for 2,5 years. Like taking out of a movie I got scouted by a photographer while walking the streets in New York. 

This kickstarted my modeling career. And the first year in New York I balanced both a modeling career while also being a full-time acting student. Eventually, however, it got too much, and after 1 year of acting school, I decided to put the modeling career on hold. 

It was and is acting that I want to pursue, though I love both. As soon as I got back to Denmark I started modeling again and currently I work as an actress and model in Copenhagen. 

While also being an environmentalist and speaking up about our environmental and climatic issues, and also how to prevent bullying at elementary schools. 

2. What is your greatest strength and how did it help you to become Miss Earth-Fire 2020? 

I think my greatest strength can also be my greatest weakness. I can be extremely stubborn, and then I’m a perfectionist. Which means I’m never truly satisfied with my own work. 

It's a strength because it pushes me to always do my absolute best, and a little more. I’m a very black or white person. If I decide to do something, I have to give it 120% or I’m not doing it at all, my heart has to be with me in everything I do. 

I’m also extremely compassionate and wear my heart on my sleeve, and I'm very sensitive to other people's emotions. It touches me deeply when I see injustice or people suffering, and it makes me want to make a difference. 

3. How important is social media validation in your profession? 

Unfortunately, social media validation is extremely important in today's modern society. As an actress and model, a big part of my career depends on being on social media, and honestly, I've always hated it. 

I’m not one of those people who are constantly on social media or putting up new videos every other day. It doesn't give me joy but is something I have had to learn how to do when it became a necessity. I’m extremely introverted by nature, so reaching out and networking with strangers is very difficult for me. 

I rather spend time with close friends and family, without my phone, and just be present at the moment. I have to really force myself to be active online :) 

It is however also an amazing tool. I have connected with so many people overseas that I would have never met if it weren't for social media, and for that I’m grateful. 

4. Do beauty pageants help or hurt how society views women? 

I think, coming from outside the pageantry world, at least in Denmark, beauty pageants aren't taken seriously. Many people view pageants as superficial, and the girls as unintelligent women, who just want to prance around in long gowns and play princesses. 

And some people may have prejudices against the bikini and swimwear round, finding them to be objectifying women. However, these prejudices are quickly laid to rest when you start researching what pageants actually revolve around. 

Especially a pageant as Miss Earth. Which is about how we can create awareness on environmental and climatic issues and better our planet. When we look at the modeling industry, the models are often required to present themselves in bikinis or swimsuits, and no one bats an eye, because “it's modeling”. 

Pageants are no different, but then you start adding all the additional layers. It’s intelligent women with strong messages, who have something to share. In pageants, you are constantly tested on your intelligence, opinions, and what you bring to the world. 

We are sharing a piece of our hearts, our world views, and ideas. In that sense, these pageants are very empowering for women. It highlights the social and global issues we face on our planet and lets us focus on different charities that we are passionate about, to better our world. It gives women a voice. 

5. What are some of your upcoming projects? 

Right now I'm planning on visiting elementary schools to talk about bullying and how we can prevent it by making active, hands-on programs that involve the children in a dynamic, unique, and innovative way. Many bullying programs focus solely on bullying itself as an act. 

Bullying isn't always obvious or “loud,” I think we need to focus more on preventing bullying and highlighting acceptance, friendship, and unity amongst the children. We need to teach children the benefits of being different and unique as you are, without the pressure to fit into a socially accepted box. 

Then, of course, I'd love to visit my family's foundation in Thailand again to help wherever I can and teach the kids English. 

6. Which is your favorite book and why? 

I love to read and educate myself. And I read everything from autobiographies, novels, articles, acting books, plays, fantasy, comic books, random facts and anything in between that catches my interest. 

Something that really made a huge impact on me was “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, the book follows the life of two very different women who are forced to marry a tyrant. 

I also love “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou. It really highlights some serious issues that we still face today. I feel like everyone should have at least read these books once in their lives.

Michala Petrovna Rubinstein

Michala Petrovna Rubinstein was born January 27, 1993, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is of Ukrainian and Israeli heritage. Starting at the age of 13, Michala started acting in school plays and short film productions. 

Since then, she has been through various theatre- and film schools and workshops to improve her acting skills. She studied at Rødkilde teaterhøjskole and graduated from the William Esper Studio, New York, where she studied with Bruce Mccarty, David Newer, and Nancy Mayans.

Michala Petrovna Rubinstein

Actress & Model

Miss Earth Fire 2020, Miss Earth Denmark 2020

Interviewed By - Aditi Ashok

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