Adam Martinakis - Walking In The World Of Art Is Not An Easy Task (Visual Artist)

Adam Martinakis

If your mind is occupied by artistic ideas and you have a need to create and express, you can't avoid walking this path. 

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I was born in a small town in Poland by Polish mother and Greek father. We moved to Athens, Greece when I was 10 years old and there, I finished school, studied interior - industrial design and decorative arts. For many years I worked as an interior designer, 3d visualiser and tutor in Greece, UK and Poland.

Since 2000, I am professionally occupied with digital 3d visual art, painting and photography. I live now, in a small village in the center of the island of Crete, Greece and it is the most wonderful place I have ever lived.

2. How and when did you realize your passion for visual arts?

It did not happen suddenly to realise that I am attracted by the arts and the arts are attracted by me, since childhood I remember myself being creative. So, in a way, if your mind is occupied by artistic ideas and you have a need to create and express, you can't avoid walking this path. 

The most solid step towards this, was my decision to study interior design when I was 19, but at the time did not know the exact form of art I would follow, this happened many years later with my introduction to digital 3d and computer arts in general.

3. What role does the artist have in society?

That depends on the artist, I think, and on the general perception of the world, she/he has. Artists are producing art, and art has many potentials in how we can consume it. Sometimes the roles are appointed by coincidence, there are many famous artists who never planned to be famous or they never thought they would have such an influence, even beyond the world of art.

It also depends on, what kind of role Art itself has in a society at a specific moment in time.

4. Describe your favourite visual effect from a movie. Why do you like it?

There are many of them since I like Sci-Fi movies and all of them are full of visual effects, but "Interstellar" has presented us some pretty exciting space travel scenes, with, probably, the most realistic view of a black hole and a wonderful wormhole travel.

5. What do you think is the best method to review visuals for corrections? And What is your favourite software to work with?

Adobe Photoshop is the final tool that I use, mainly for colour corrections if it is a still image and Adobe After Effects when it is about an animation or video. My favourite software is Autodesk 3ds Max which is the 3d platform that I use and 90% of the production is occurring there.

6. What is the one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring visual artists?

My advice to those who love art and have a passion for it, to understand that walking in the world of art is not an easy task. 

There might be many difficult moments during this journey from which you will learn a lot, but eventually, the trip will take you somewhere for sure and most probably, even to many different places. 

Those can be mental or physical states which will be uncovered through this trip with each success or disappointment that you will experience.

- Adam A. Martinakis (Visual Artist)

Born in Lubań, Poland in 1972 and is of Polish and Greek descent. Moved to Athens, Greece in 1982. Studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design in Athens. Had been occupied with Interior Design, Graphic Design, Ceramic Design and 3d visualisation, as an artist and tutor. Since the year 2000, is working and experimenting on artistic Computer-generated visual media (3d digital image/rendering - animation, digital sculpture, digital video, new media), painting and photography. Member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. Lives and works in Greece, Poland and the UK.


Interviewed By Akshaya Rathinavadivel

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