Jade Seah - Authenticity Has Never Been More Important Than in 2021 (Media Personality from Singapore)

Jade Seah

Jade Seah is a Singapore-based media personality and content creator known for her affability and ability to connect with both large and small audiences, with more than a decade of experience in traditional and social media. 

Jade started her journey in television and radio but was one of the early movers into the social media space. With an affable disposition and unique ability to connect with people, Jade is one of Singapore's most recognised social media personalities with a large following across various social media channels.

1. Tell us something about your background and journey?

I studied business and started out with a career in Advertising. I was soon after spotted for television, and decided to give it a go for a couple of years, but two years became three, three became four… 

I enjoy my work as a Presenter, where I get to explore new places, take viewers on journeys with me and have the chance to meet and interview people (I try my best to show lesser-seen or known sides of them whenever I can). 

These are the main parts of the job that have kept me going for many years. Since then, I have also gone on to radio as a second medium, and these days, I also create content for the online space. The medium changes, but if that is stripped away, I have found that the key elements of what I do remain the same.

2. What type of content do you create the most?

More and more it is important to me to create content that matters, or at the very least, content that is helpful to someone in some way. I cover a variety of topics, but whether it be a piece on Positive Psychology tools, or a beauty video on how to do one’s eyebrows. 

I hope the content I create helps improve someone’s life, even in a small way, such as to give them a new perspective, new solution ideas, or even if just to lighten their spirit, increase their positive emotions and make them smile.

3. Having a successful career in Television, what made you shift to Social Media?

The content and the elements of the work does not change, only the medium does. Social media is more relevant in terms of the way content is being consumed – on the viewer’s demand. In terms of turnaround time, it is also faster, and I have greater say in the messaging that gets communicated. 

That said, I still enjoy the mediums of television and radio and still work on these as well – in this day and age, it is not about choosing one or the other, all mediums work together and the best messages are communicated in a way that is coherent across all mediums.

4. What are your views on Gender Inequality in the Workplace?

It exists, but I have also slowly come to realise that men and women are not created equal. Whether I like that or not is irrelevant, it is a fact. It is not total “Equality” that we should aim for, hence, but equal opportunity. In Singapore, I feel both genders are lucky to mostly enjoy equal opportunities. 

Much as I am concerned about gender equality in the workplace, I find that certain measures, for example, setting quotas on having an equal number based on gender, defeats the purpose and misses the point. 

What I wish for is a world that is gender blind, where one gets in truly based on ability and fit for the role, rather than because a particular gender is preferred, or because a particular gender needs to meet a certain number quota to help shine up a company’s Public Relations front.

5. What role does Sports play in your Life?

Sport is a huge part of my life. It has been, and continues to be, both an outlet and a source of inspiration, resilience and strength for me. Years of playing sport trains discipline and mental grit. Reminders of how far I have gone in a sport builds resilience. 

When I have a hard day, sports is my outlet and keeps me sane. And when I feel down and like giving up, sport inspires to remember that every game is a new game, the ball is round, and that we are only as successful as our last game.

6. Who inspires you the most and why?

My mum and late grandmother (her mum) inspire me. They are both tough as nails, in their unassuming, non-showy way. They work hard and do so much for everyone, and yet always have a kind word for the next person, and hands ever willing to help. 

They have shown me what it means to be truly successful – and it is not measured by in the amount in one’s bank account or how well-known one is. To be successful is to live a good, happy life, to find joy in the little things every single day, to be content and at peace, and to live a life filled with love, care and true intimacy with family and friends.

7. What advice would you give to people wanting to start their career on Social Media?

Be yourself. It’s very strange when you finally meet someone in real life, and the person is vastly different to the persona they portray online. Authenticity has never been more important than in 2021.

8. What is your favourite Book and Why?

I have too many! But for non-fiction, I would say that Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar made a huge impact on my life, and for fiction, Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernières and The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton remain some of my old and long-time favourites.

Jade Seah


Interviewed By - Serene Ingle

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