6 Reasons to Find Strength in Being Different


“Everyone is interested in what’s new but few people are interested in what’s better”

No one is you and that is your power. No one can replace you because no one is you. Embrace who you're and love you who you're because you’re never getting to be anybody else. You have to accept yourself for who you are and learn to let your quirkiness shine. Flip your flaws and own them.

Make the best out of your flaws. Be flaw some. I always thought that the simplest wins at anything. If you’re trying to create a profitable business or stable career, you would possibly be approaching it all wrong. At least, I was. And I think that the common belief about success is additionally totally wrong.

6 Reasons to find strength in being different:

Well, to that I say- so what?

Squirrel poo may be a mighty beneficial thing, and personally I feel there’s nothing to be ashamed of me being compared to such a fine brand of fertilizer.

Not a really appetizing thought to most perhaps, on the other hand again, the purpose is, this is often my opinion and it's even now contributing to the wide plethora of opinions outlooks and observations over the internet.

1. It allows you to be true to yourself

The most obvious (and important) is first. The biggest disservice you can do yourself is shape shifting to please your “audience” of the moment. It’s exhausting (even to watch) and, more importantly, pointless. You will never fully develop as a private and more often than not, fail miserably at your plan to integrate with a specific club of individuals.

Life features a knack for throwing situations at you which will soon show the planet what you're adore , and, ironically, during this judgmental society of ours- there's probably nothing so abhorred as someone deemed to be acting fake so as to ‘fit in’.

2. Its a lot less stress

Chances are, if you have ever tried to act different to who you know yourself to be, for any reason or time period (and I cannot think of anyone who hasn’t done this a minimum of once) you're conversant in the strain of it all.

The anxiety about being found out after one wrong move, the tension of thinking up spontaneous but believable replies to any question anyone may ask the ‘current you’ for want of a better word.

All of it combined is positively nerve wracking! Take an opportunity and treat yourself to the posh of tons less hassle and worry by casting aside your inhibitions and being completely, completely yourself.

3. It helps increase your creative potential

It’s only by digging deep into your own self that you discover ideas that resonate with others. You’re ready to see WHY you'll check out something and like it , hate it, or be bored by it.

And once you recognize why you’re responding that way, you'll craft your work to evoke those specific feelings in others. Ask this question to any creative genius you look up to- an artist, an actor, a mathematician, a scientist, a musician or even that really good pan wale bhaiyya at the corner whose new combinations make for a mouthwatering treat.

I guarantee they will all, in their own way, advocate the importance of knowing what YOU like and following what you think sounds, looks, feels or tastes best in order to create a creative masterpiece.

4. It helps increase self esteem

‘You alone are enough’ said Maya Angelou, ‘you don't have anything to convince anybody’.

When you discover that being yourself truly is enough to possess everything you tried to urge by being someone else-it’s enormously beneficial to your own sense of self-worth. There are people that want to be friends with you for who you're .

There are those who admire you for your own brand of talent. Your opinions are counted-yours, uncensored and unrestricted, not bound by the fetters of anyone else’s expectations. That’s something to be really proud about, something to form you are feeling good about yourself.

5. It prepares you for greater success

In life, whether it is a job interview or something more- individuality is always valued. No one wants a workplace full of the same type of people. No one wants a brainstorming session with all an equivalent quite ideas coming from every direction.

No one wants a writer writing books exactly like previous best sellers and nobody (except a really accomplished art thief probably) would make an artist who can simply replicate old paintings successful. Every successful idea in this world- is it a theory, a formula, a blueprint, an idea- has always been original, individual and new.

6. You have the power to say no when you want

Fear of ostracism, unwillingness to be disliked and unwillingness to be considered different and thereby undesirable and strange often cause people making decisions they ordinarily wouldn’t want to.

Peer pressure pushing teenagers everywhere to undertake drugs is probably one among the best samples of this. When you are fearlessly yourself, these fears gradually melt away (refer to points 2 and 3) and you've got the facility to mention no to what you don’t want to do and live life on your own terms.


It's slowly becoming clear to me that becoming sufficiently powerful to accept my ability to create my own reality, consciously, isn't about drawing in that power, or even drawing it up. Just the opposite; it's about stopping all my efforts to restrict and block my power.

I simply need to abandon of all the ways I hold myself back with judgments and criticisms in order that my natural power can express itself. By just being who I’m, I release the foremost powerful version of myself that there are often.

So I now make an effort to create my life from the perspective that this life of mine is like a painter's palette and canvas. I can do this anyway I choose, and my painting will be different from anyone else's. That's what makes it art.

- By Shaikh Umme Amara

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