4 Most Popular Chief Ministers of India

“INDIA” a country which is heavily dependent on agriculture owing to its highly fertile & cultivable soil, but it still demands a major reform in order to boost the economy of the country and to increase the per capita income of the farmers. These reforms can only be accomplished if the governance is healthy, Both at the centre & the state.

Citing the challenges a survey was held nationally by “INDIA TODAY” group to rank the various chief ministers in the country. The report was published after a thorough research & analysis and after interviewing 30000 people all over the country. Later the survey was named as MOST POPULAR CHIEF MINISTERS in the country.

Top four of them are listed here with the reason of them being in top four:

1. Naveen Patnaik

Mr. Patnaik is the Chief Minister of Orissa, & its his fifth term as a chief minister of the state which says it all about his Leadership, Governance, Situation handling and obviously about his huge vote bank as he enjoys a large political following in the state owing to his clean image often called as Mr. Clean.

Mr. Patnaik’s work in Women Empowerment, Social Welfare schemes such as 1 rupees per kg rice for BPLs, Kalia Schemes, Development of Sports Infrastructure etc accounted for him achieving this huge political followings and making it to the top of the list.

2. Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister of Delhi, Minister is in his second consecutive term. He enjoys a great political following due to his phenomenal work and care for the people of Delhi, And this is the reason why he gives strong competition to BJP. Mr. Kejriwal is very active in press & media with his usual press conferences & interviews.

Some of his initiatives are:

- Cheaper Electricity & Water.

- Emphasis on Education & Health.

- Slum Rehabilitation.

3. Jagan Mohan Reddy

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Unlike other Chief Ministers his term started in 2020 only, but even in this short span of time he managed to be one of the top 3 Chief Ministers with his outstanding work. Mr. Reddy right from the day one led the government with a socialist & welfare approach which is evident from his policies. He is really frequent with allowances given to women and to different classes of people to uplift them from poverty.

4. Pinarayi Vijayan

Chief Minister of Kerala, Kerala as a state is highly developed in many indices but Mr. Vijayan personally keeps on launching schemes for the welfare of the people of Kerala. Schemes for Health care & Education, Recently he announced a 100 crore developmental project and other than these schemes Mr. Vijayan keeps providing allowances to the people of Kerala in order to support them financially.

After analyzing the above mentioned 4 states one can compare them on different indices:

- Literacy rate: Kerala is the state with the highest literacy rate.

- GDP: Kerala has the highest GDP among the 4.

- Sex Ratio: Kerala has the best sex ratio.

- Infant Mortality Rate: Kerala possesses the lowest infant mortality rate.

- Population: Delhi has approx. 2 crore, Kerala has approx. 3.5 crore, whereas in Orissa & Andhra Pradesh approx. 4-4.5 crore respectively.

According to these facts & figures Kerala pops up as the best state among the 4 mentioned above but there are some indices where Kerala needs to work upon and they are Unemployment and Poverty rate as they are the major challenge in the state today.

Written by - Atul Bihari Chakrawarti

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