How the Lockdown is Affecting Language Development

Language disorder is not a language disability. It is a type of communication disorder which is also known as social communication disorder child may exhibit difficulty in understanding and expressing a message. A child with language disorders have problems in:

1) Talking 

2) Understanding

3) Reading 

4) Writing 

Types of language disorders:

Expressive language disorder: The child will have a problem in putting the words together and form a sentence that makes sense.

Receptive language disorder: The child will have a problem in understanding spoken messages when others speak to the child.

Mixed receptive and expressive language disorder: The child will have a problem in both using and understanding language. 

Language Disorders may happen due to a variety of reason

1) Family History of language disorders

2) Premature Birth

3) Low birth rate

4) Autism 

5) Genetic factors 

6) Cerebral Palsy

7) Poor nutrition 

8) Hearing loss

9) Head injury 

10) Long term medical condition 

How the lockdown has affected your child's language development?

There have been several children who have a language disorder under the of age 5. Many parents continue to work full time while at home, leaving there kids unattended with the TV or iPad. . We explore language when we are out in the world  where children are forced in a situation to communicate as they come across new words, new things, new scenarios. 

For instance, A shopping trip gives a good opportunity to learn a language as we talk about the things that we buy and make the child choose which improves their cognitive skills. But now we prefer online purchase that stops the child to explore, which means the kids means of social communication skills are lost. 

A Child with receptive language disorder may have trouble with:

1) Understanding what people say

2) Learning new things

3) Following directions 

4) Obeying commands 

5) Understanding and answering questions 

6) Identifying objects 

A Child with expressive language disorder may have trouble with:

1) Building vocabulary

2) Using words correctly

3) Naming objects

4) Using gestures

5) Reciting stories or expressing thoughts and ideas

Is it important to consult speech language pathologist?

Yes, as they plan accordingly and set goals on how to improve the child’s language .They look upon whether the child has any language disorders or delay while assessing the child. Remember early diagnosis and intervention provide good results in child’s language development. 

Speech language pathologist provide correct diagnosis of the child and say whether the child exactly requires therapy or not .They counsel the parents regarding their consent and get the problem solved. They even provide referral to audiologist in order to rule out hearing loss and other hearing problems.

Few apps that helps your child to improve the language skill

1) Actions in Video

2) Toonastic 

3) Peek-A-Boo Wild

4) Nighty Night Circus

Tips for language stimulation :

1) Sit on the floor at their eye level have good interaction with the child

2) Repeat new words that they learn in a week

3) Give choices when you ask something this helps them to utter the word. Eg. Do you want Apple or banana?

4) Watch your child play and describe their action without expecting a response

5) Simply follow their interest and try to merge into the activity which involve and promote communication

6) Use more core words during play Eg: less, more, open, good, happy, give, big.

Written By - Pratthiksha Shree A

Edited By - Tushna Choksey

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