Adderall - Does The "Study Drug" Really Make You Smarter?

Imagine, you have 7 assignments, 5 presentations and 2 exams all lined up, and all you have is a meagre 2 days to get yourself together. Most such cases would lead to a burnout or an incomplete half-hearted effort due to lack of energy and time.

But what if there was a way wherein, you can ace all your assignments, excel in your presentations and to top it all, get a perfect score in your exams?

What I’m talking about is a drug referred to as Adderall, the Study Drug.

What triggered the use of Adderall?

The USA reports thousands of cases of children suffering from ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or Attention Disorder, wherein it becomes difficult for the child to concentrate on the work at hand. The attention span of an individual is reduced drastically which in turn could affect comprehension and cognition skills.

To resolve this grave issue, doctors started prescribing drugs like “Adderall” and “Ritalin” which helps calm the nerves and redirect all the effort and attention onto the task at hand.

This was found to be extremely helpful in hiking up grades, teenagers saw this drug as a performance enhancer thus making it popular in schools and colleges. The intake of the drug has more than doubled since the time it was introduced.

Perils of Adderall

As rosy as the thought of administering this drug to improve grades might be, it is of utmost urgency that the youth understand the complexity of what they are getting into. In the short term, it may help you ace exams and top your class, but the future consequences of the drug are as much damaging.

The effectiveness of the drug lies in its composition which is Amphetamine salts, which closely resembles the ingredient in Meth, which is why it triggers the neurotic cells of the body and acts as a stimulant to beat sleep and the feelings of lethargy.

The use or rather abuse of the drug has increased mainly amongst those who don’t really need it. These are the people who need extra motivation in form of drugs to keep the wheels of their life spinning in high speed. The market for Illegal prescriptions to get hands on this drug is the

biggest racket in the USA. Taking advantage of the system and using it for recreational purposes, not only puts yourself at risk but also damages the prospects of drug availability for those who seriously require it.

Long-term Abuse of the drug leads to-



Hallucinations and Paranoia


Panic Attacks

Suicidal Thoughts, to name a few.

Why is Adderall Addictive?

The long-term usage of Adderall helps release a lot of Serotonin and Dopamine, responsible for the quick inexhaustive stimulus it provides but in the longer run it, it hampers the brains’ ability to produce it naturally, which makes us incessantly dependent on the drug.

The deprivation of it may put the person on the track of anxiety attacks, tremors and other symptoms similar to those of a person recouping from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Does Adderall Affect Everyone Equally?

Adderall is definitely proven to be effective in enhancing concentration spans of people suffering from ADHD, but it is important to note that Adderall may or may not work for people not suffering from attention disorders.

The drug would be nothing but a drop in the ocean for someone using it to put up an all-nighter. It may help achieve an exhaustively repetitive learning task but wouldn’t have any effect on cognitive skills such as those needed for an exam. 

The Way Forward

The governments of these countries must lay stringent laws and must track the distribution of the drug. The agencies providing these medicines must be centralized and accessible only to those providing a medical certificate.

The black-marketing of Adderall and other Meth-induced stimulants must be heavily penalized and medical practitioners resorting to unethical practices must bear the brunt by way of cancellation of license to practice.

The future of youth is in the hands of the government, but more importantly it is also the will and morality of the individual abusing the substance. Workshops instilling awareness of substance abuse must be planned by schools and colleges galore with adolescents. A comprehensive plan for achieving daily targets must be prepared so that they don’t fall prey to untimely stress.

Substance abuse is as simple as this:

When you want to make money, you don’t steal it right? You work for it.  

Similarly, when you truly want to achieve something, be it as small as excelling in a class-test, you give it your 100% and not fall back upon stimulants or performance enhancers. Moreover, the biggest performance enhancer is your mind. The more you train it, the more it’s going to reward you with better things in life.


Written By - Tushna Choksey



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