Are Men Really Mansplaining?

What is Mansplaining?

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Mansplaining is a term given to the act on men when they try to explain anything and everything, especially to women even when it isn’t asked for. They often try to explain in such a way that it may seem condescending to women and make them feel embarrassed.

Generally, mansplaining happens when men explain a concept to women which they don’t even know. For example, a man suggesting a book to someone even when he didn’t read it first hand. Maybe they try to look cool or want to put a good impression in front of the woman but they don’t realize that they have become a victim of mansplaining and most of the times men didn’t even really knew that they were a mansplainer in a conversation.

Some Instances of Mansplaining

  •  Suppose in a meeting, a discussion is going on for the launch of a mobile application and to that a female employee says that the interface of the application is not too user friendly and to that a male employee responds, “Ma’am, do you even know how to use this app? Let me explain you….”
  •  A male editor once called a fellow female subordinate and told her to change the angle of the article on a certain topic to which the female author thought that because it is her article, she will be able to understand the angle better.
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If we analyze both of the situations clearly, we can conclude that the first instance is definitely the case of mansplaining because the female employee never said that she doesn’t know how to use the app. She just didn’t like the interface of the application and the male employee didn’t have any right to come to her and try to explain the application’s working to her.

The second case is slightly different in the way that the male editor is the female editor’s senior and maybe he genuinely thought that the article’s angle can be improved. Whether he is mansplaining or not will depend on what tone he used while he was having a conversation with her.

So, are men always mansplaining things to women?

Certainly not. All men are definitely not mansplainers. Most men genuinely want good for women and want to see them succeed and women also don’t have an issue with it. Women get hurt when men try to downgrade them, even when both of the parties have the same level of expertise and experience.

This brings us to our next point.

Is There a Thing Known as Womansplaining?

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Why there cannot be? If we agree that there is mansplaining, then there is nothing wrong in saying that there is a thing called womansplaining also. After the infamous “Me Too” moment, lot of allegations were raised on men. Some of them were true and some were superfluous. It definitely gave a chance to women to blame men even when they weren’t at fault. Many women saw it as an opportunity to condescend to men and downgrade them, hence, womansplaining. Because this “Me too” moment was so in trend, nobody gave importance to men’s side of the story.

This is what gives rise to inequality between men and women. Women don’t need empowerment, because when we say that women need to be empowered, that’s when we are concluding that women are lower than men.

It is because of these concepts of feminism, pseudo feminism, mansplaining and womansplaining which give rise to movements like “Me Too” and “Not All Men’, that the world is facing so many societal barriers even in the 21st century and the sad truth is nobody knows the solution for these problems.


Written By – Anamika Malik

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