Himanshu Bulchandani - I Got My First Break With Star News (ABP News) To Work For Re-creation On 'Sansani' And My Biggest Break Was Working With Virat Kohli In Various TV Ads (Actor & Anchor)

I have done shows like "Zindagi ki mehak" with zee tv, "Diya or baati hum" with star plus, a series with fox history, some documentaries

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

My journey was rather hilarious than emotional or like any filmy story, I am the only child in my family at the age of 13 I diagnosed with type 1 diabetes so one thought was clear to me and my parents. Let me live happily and allowed me to pursue my career in Acting.

I came from Rajasthan Bhilwara and moved to Delhi with my parents in 2001. Great support by parents especially mom and Nana jee, he was working with UPSC then. I never thought of acting as a career, I was chilling in my life as I got to know at an early age that any stress is bad for me (well it is bad for anyone too).

I wanted to live laugh and enjoy my life fullest. I and my friends were travelling to Mumbai & Shirdi, in Mumbai, I met an auto driver Ram Bhau I always talk to people I mean I can start a conversation with anyone. He told me sir "aap hero banne Aaye Hain naa I said no bhaiya then he said aap try Karo dekhna aap banogey hero Mumbai main wapis ayogey aap jaldi"  I wasn't serious about it at that time.

One day at Juhu beach where I and my friends were eating some snacks and all, Suddenly my one of my friend started telling me that, I have seen this person on TV ( kyunki saas BHI Kabhi bahu thi fame Bobby darling) I was like so what Yaar he was like let's meet.

I always thought never take pictures with celebrities as one day I will be the one and that was my fuel ( jokingly) So the moment they were watching Bobby darling. She noticed my same friend and called him I was shocked to see this whole incident.

He came back to me and told me "Bhai wo tujhe bula rahi hai I was like what ok. I went to say hi to her, I was surprised she asked me my no. and gave me her no. too she told me you are good-looking and charming you should try acting in TV serials. I became a star of my group. The story ends here.

A few months later I contacted her and asked how to start my career and she ask me to Mumbai I came with my two more friends on a flight.

I went to her home oshiwara there I was shocked to see Koena Mitra at her home too. I asked her guidance to start my career in acting.
And the moment I saw her behaviour towards me. Everything was clear I was lucky as two of my friends were there to help me escape.
I came back home and cried a lot. But then the real journey begins. I joined a theatre group in Delhi by the name Manav Disha (NGO)
Since then I was involved in theatre, nukkad. With the same group, I went to Mumbai then after my basic training as an actor started.
Mumbai is a city of challenges. Mumbai thought me a lesson of becoming an actor after many failures, so much fakeness I finally came back home after dropping my portfolio to their so-called big production houses. That was a way to approaching production houses for some work.
Nothing happened even after staying in Mumbai for a year. But seriously we had a great time there. With my friends Varun, Ikesh my close buddies.

I came back with a lesson that it is not easy and it will take time and I am ready to take this challenge.
After back to the pavilion, I started working with some more theatre groups like shaksham.
I started a habit of reading, travelling & exploring In Delhi, I got a job at a call centre as I was like Kuch to Karun life Mai, And then Miracle happened the same company I got to work for IBM, as an anchor for TGMC and trust me stage gave me much much power and motivation to connect with people and change my self and the lives around me.

After that Delhi Casting Director, Mr Rajesh Dua my acting teacher introduced me to him, I got a break from star news (abpews currently) to work for recreation on sansani.

I have done more than 50 episodes of sansani I was famous with this name in my locality.
My mom got few calls apka beta TV pe ata hai and all. So it was fun as I told you. Being too serious with life was not allowed to me by a great doctor. ( Dr S Mukherjee) And that was my first learning to live out my dreams. After graduating from Delhi University in B.com. I pursue a master's in arts and journalism from Sikkim Manipal University.

Meanwhile, learning and living continued got work like after every project I knew acting is a project-based job so I used to keep myself engaged in some of the other jobs always. and waiting never happen as I was busy some time in an acting project and sometimes into anchoring, event manager, tv host for shopping channel home shop 18.

I have done shows like "Zindagi ki mehak" with zee tv, "Diya or baati hum" with star plus, a series with fox history, some documentaries. My biggest break was working with Virat Kohli in bleed the blue for Nike & TV advertisement for Bluestar. And trust me once you keep evolving yourself good work comes to you, you need to wait and create yourself. 

I have also done many workshops with children and it was the best experience to be with them you know being with children heals your soul and there is so much to learn from them.

2. Did you ever think or dream of being an actor?

No, I  always wanted to live a very simple life happy. Go chilling earn good money and enjoy. Acting happen as I thought this is the only job or work that makes me happy I did not choose my career I was just exploring things and acting happen then I took the proper training even in 2019 I went to learn master class with Mukesh Chabbra, so the learning never stops and especially when you are an actor or taking this as a career be prepared to learn new things and more it will help you. nothing goes wasted at the end.


3. How can one approach their career and have the confidence and belief to become an actor?

I would be very blunt on this question and trust me to take acting as a skill like any other skill or specific profession that we learn and be sincere to it.

Completing your education is very important, leaving everything and coming to Mumbai will not assure you a role in the film. It is a process that will take time and time is the most important thing you should use wisely. join nearest theatre groups, keep reading, take good care of yourself mentally and physically.
My only advice is to work on self, connect to the best casting directors through digital platform always see the requirement on their social media platforms apply accordingly.

You should only know the basics of acting and that can be learned anywhere in India.
With due respect to FTII NSD but even then there is no surety of getting a role. That's the challenge.
  1. First, secure your survival
  2. Then follow your passion smartly.
  3. Confidence comes from theatre
  4. And believe in yourself, prepare yourself for the opportunity.
  5. Believe is only helpful when you are much explored in life, do something like a job, travel, never sit ideal and wait for the magic to happen.
  6. Magic is created by you and the journey is yours! go explore.

4. If not this, what would you be doing?

I would be a phycologist, my second most loved job.

5. For a complete outsider with inroads, what advice would you like to give?

The basic advice is to be sincere, Be a good listener, Getting work is not easy and it depends upon requirement Vs where you fit.
Create your own identity, identify your best expression or way of presenting the craft.
Always follow the social media platforms of these big casting agencies and they are so good at their work. You only need a passport size photo (Mukesh Chhabra) And that is so true talent will take time but it will be there for sure.

6. What is your mantra of success?

My mantra is simple in life to be true to self, I would like to share my story here I took an acting workshop with Mukesh Chabbra jee many people filled the form but from pan India, only 30 people got selected and I was one of them.
It was in Mumbai I used to travel every week to Mumbai for my workshop and doing my job as well in Mumbai.

I thought this is the end of my struggle Mukesh Chhabra will cast me I am doing his workshop life is set.

The moment we got enrolled, he told us you are here to learn don't expect me to cast you in any of the forthcoming projects this workshop assures you training in acting not a work guarantee.

Yes if you fit the requirements I will cast you even if you are not an actor.
It is simple like the job we see the requirements first it is like same, the challenge is everyone wants to be a hero and we have the limited opportunity so always see this as you have to be the best.

At khidkiyaan festival All my co-mates got their role to play by the end of the workshop I was still waiting for my part to play, still, I was chilling out trust me no expectation always gives you more than you have expected.

Three days before I got a role for Matadeen ( lead for that play) not because I was greedy not because I wanted. Only because of my intention, sincerity hard work was visible to my mentors.
Potential can be created but you should never be greedy, over smart.

Be simple show your true character.
Be original and let karma decide your destiny.
In a simple line.

Things will happen to have faith and patience but don't lose your character in the journey only your originality will make you stand out from the crowd.

Be the one and only one.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is "the magic of thinking big" see you have to think big, we are living in an amazing time all we have and this all we have was someone thought before it came to reality only thinking is not the way but think big and explore life, there is magic outside your comfort zone, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein
A miracle happens when you are ready to think in a big way when you uncover your potential and clear the lense of society and people who always say some of the other.

Gyaan Talk ...Ye Nahi Ho Sakta or Nahi
Hoga....Sab Kuch ho Sakta Hai...
If You Ready For it,
It will happen.

The day I realize the difference between fact and myth.

I saw the unseen
I made out the impossible
My logic became the magic.


- Interviewed By Pratibha Sahani





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