Indian Premier League: World's Toughest League Is Starting Tomorrow

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The Indian Premier League is the World's toughest cricket league. So, let's see why that hashtag?

IPL Over The Years:

Right from its beginning in 2008, the IPL has been a successful, laudable, lucrative, and crowd-catching tournament to date. This is a trendsetter for many countries to follow suit and it may remain the same, subjective to fame and craze for the game.

This league has brought in the game of each and every player, for example in the 1st every IPL match we witnessed one of the greatest T20 innings by Brendon McCullum who scored 158* for Kolkata knight riders.

From then many records were set and broken by these highly skillful cricket players. It was just like icing on the cake for many teams.

Mumbai Indians have won 5 IPL Trophies, next to Chennai super kings with 3 trophies, Kolkata knight riders with 2 trophies, and teams of Hyderabad (Deccan chargers and Sunrises) along with Rajasthan royals have won one IPL trophy each.

IPL 2021:

This year's IPL may pose tough and intense cricket because no team has a home ground advantage that is, just to mention, CSK (Chennai team), won't have any match at Chepauk.

The reason behind, there are only 6 venues where all the matches occur, so the players need not face the hassle of travel, during this pandemic. And like the previous edition, the players have to quarantine themselves before the tournament starts.

Besides the vigorous practice sessions, before every travel and match the players need to take the Covid test which is not very easy also. Hence, this year is going to be tougher than the previous year.

Why IPL:

As said before the IPL brings out the true potential of every player. So, if any
player exhibits his prowess in the IPL, there is a great chance for him to represent his country, which would be remarkable progress further.

One good season and from nowhere players come into the limelight and this can happen only with pure dedication and hard work. Grab the opportunity is what every player is waiting for! One good match or season can turn the fortunes in your way.


Apart from the few negatives that have been splashy like match-fixing, the IPL is a great platform for both local and international cricketers to showcase their techniques and expertise.

Not only they get paid heavily but they also attract more fans, fame, and great exposure for playing for their country or any other league across the world. Henceforth, IPL justifies the badge of the toughest cricket league in the world.

Written By - Ananth
Edited By - Akash 

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