Is It Necessary to Enrol in A Coaching Centre for MPPSC Preparation?


Cracking an MPPSC exam, especially without coaching is a serious endeavour. Aspirants often regret not joining a coaching centre in the middle of their preparation. It’s because self-study can’t be sufficient for MPPSC preparation. There are a lot of things that one needs to take into account while preparing for this exam. This includes devotion, patience, hard work, and a proper strategy. A lot of students can’t get through the exam even after putting in enough hard work just because they never have a proper strategy. A strategy can help an aspirant to stand out from the rest. 

So, it’s a prudent option to enrol in MPPSC classes to ensure one’s chances of getting through the exam with minimum effort. Speaking of the MPPSC exam, it’s one of the toughest exams conducted by the Madhya Pradesh public service commission for recruiting in various departments under the MP government. Still, a lot of people refrain from joining a coaching class as they think it’s unnecessary. So, let’s take a look at the following points to justify whether joining a coaching class for MPPSC is necessary or not, 

1. Study Materials 

There’s no denial in saying that aspirants need access to the right resources to crack this toughest examination. Students may think that the online learning is enough for them. It has enough resources and an exam guide to help them crack the exam. But, reading more books or getting access to more resources won’t increase one’s chances of clearing the exam. In fact, it becomes overwhelming for students to cover the syllabus when they have multiple books or study materials with them. 

However, the top MPPSC coaching centres never provide study materials more than it’s needed. They have experienced experts working with them to design the study materials, preparing the strategy and planning everything to help aspirants clear the exam with minimum effort. So, students will never be confused when they enrol in MPPSC classes in Indore. Also, students can get access to materials designed from an expert’s point of view. So, this enables students to study the relevant topics in a brief time and clear the exam with their smart work. 

2. Self-Discipline 

It may seem irrelevant when it comes to preparing for the MPPSC exam but self-discipline is one of the crucial qualities required for clearing MPPSC. Without sticking to the time and routine, it becomes difficult for students to crack an MPPSC exam. When a student opts for self-study, they remain consistent with their preparation for a month or two. But, later they find a lack of motivation and self-discipline to continue their preparation. 

Although, there are benefits of e-learning but it doesn’t help students to develop self-discipline. These coaching classes help students to develop self-discipline among students. They provide a strict routine and regular homework to allow students to remain consistent throughout the process. By regularly attending the classes, test series, and by completing the homework on time, students learn to be more disciplined. And they find it quite easy to crack the exam with flying colours. 

3. Productivity 

It’s doesn’t matter how many hours one puts into preparing for MPPSC. But, what matters is that how many hours they put into productively preparing for this exam. Productivity is a crucial thing to note when it comes to preparing for anything be it MPPSC or any other competitive exam. Generally, the aspirants often stress over the huge amount of syllabus of the MPPSC exam. 

They can’t find the proper way to cover the syllabus within a brief time so that they can get time for revising it. So, in most cases, students waste a significant amount of time to understand the syllabus, exam pattern, and different stages of the exam. Still, they can’t find an ideal way to prepare a strategy for this exam. As a result, they are unable to increase theory productivity. This reduces their chances of clearing the exam. 

4. Mind-set 

Preparing for the toughest exams like MPPSC isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and the right mind-set to clear the exam. Aspirants often give up just a few months after preparing for this exam. Especially, when they opt for self-study, it becomes difficult for students to remain consistent with their efforts throughout the preparation. So, a lot of students fail due to a lack of motivation and a lack of proper mind-set. This is because not everyone can put in the level of dedication and hard work it requires. But, with the right mind-set, the process can be a bit easier. Aspirants can attain their goals by developing an ideal mind-set. 

This shows the significance of joining a coaching centre for preparing for MPPSC. After all, students need the proper guidance to clear this exam. And there is no one better than a reputed coaching centre to provide the right guidance for cracking this exam. 

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