Review of ‘The Little Things’ Web Series: Sometimes Little Things in Life Are Not So Little

Little Things is another one of Netflix's biggest hits, the series showcasing the struggles and compromises achieved by a couple while fixing their professional and personal lives. Till now three seasons of the series have been released and the fourth season will be out soon.

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The main protagonists of the show are Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal). The show is written by Dhruv Sehgal itself and is produced by Dice Media. A fun fact about this series is that the first season of the series was released on the official YouTube channel of Dice Media but was later purchased by Netflix given the popularity of the series.

The series’ title track is called “Song for Survival” and is sung by Neel Adhikari and Mithila Palkar is hooked to everyone’s mind whoever heard it.

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The series plot is set in Mumbai as Kavya and Dhruv are sharing an apartment and currently living in a live-in relationship as shown in Season one. Season one was a very light-hearted season to watch revolving around various themes related to day-to-day problems faced by millennials such as Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) caused by social media. 

The show has captured very cute moments such as having a sleepless night because of mosquitoes and then getting into long late-night conversations. The couple also keeps having constant quarrels when their viewpoints don’t match but then they always find a way to resolve them.

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The second season of the season shifted towards more serious themes like professional and personal crises. The couple was facing some problems when they had a serious conversation around where exactly they stand. 

The topic started when Dhruv’s childhood friend came to visit them and Dhruv realized how things have taken a toll and much has changed between them. Dhruv was heartbroken when he got the news about the death of one of his childhood friends that he didn’t know about.

Later in season two, Dhruv lost his job and is now feeling aimless. Meanwhile, Kavya just got offered a promotion which made her very happy and even though Dhruv was happy for Kavya, at some point in time he felt lost when he stayed home and doing the chores alone. This ultimately led to fights and they realized the growing differences between them. 

This season also focused on various other schemes such as Kavya getting attracted to some other guy when they were on an office trip, even though she was in love with Dhruv, how she was feeling homophobic and whether she will be able to consider her parents as her friends or not. All these little things and emotions were the main themes for the second season.

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So Kavya and Dhruv had a sloppy road in Season 2 and the same continued for some while in Season 3 as they went into a long-distance relationship. They were missing each other and at the same time, also learning how to stay apart and still love each other. And after some time, they realize that there is more than just their private relationship in their life. 

They realized that they can enjoy other people’s company also and can make new friends. Also, in one of the episodes, they even considered the thought of getting married and that conversation took them down to memory lane as they were remembering some of the moments that they spent together in the past.

At the end of Season 3, Dhruv and Kavya shared a very sweet moment as he booked a bus for Kavya to her home city Nagpur so that she can go and say goodbye to the neighbor’s dog (You will get to know about the dog once you will see the series.)

What will happen next? Only Season 4 will tell, which by the way is coming very soon on Netflix. So stay tuned to find out more about Dhruv and Kavya’s little things.

Written by – Anamika Malik




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