Review of Masaba Masaba – Story of an Indian Girl With Curls

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Netflix starter Masaba Masaba attracted a lot of attention when the first trailer was released showcasing the cast as Masaba Gupta as herself and Neena Gupta as her mother (who in fact in real life is a mother-daughter duo).

The show started with a storyline that stated some tensions between Masaba and her husband and that they are planning to get a divorce. However, because Masaba is a renowned fashion designer, given her status and popularity, she and her husband tried to hide it as much as possible because they didn’t want to attract undue attention.

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As we know it, Indian media just need a topic to start a controversy so this news of Masaba’s divorce spread like a wildfire. To our amazement, Masaba handled the whole of the situation very carefully. She didn’t show anyone how hurt she was except her mom of course given the fact that the relations with her mother at that time were not that good.

The show’s second storyline revolves around Neenaji, who at one time was acclaimed as a very graceful and amazing actress but now because of old age, she is not able to get desired or respectable roles. 

It also showed the side of the Bollywood where promises can be easily broken as Neenaji went to a producer and signed a verbal contract but to her shock, she found out that the contract for the production has been given to some other actress.

Moving on, we saw the struggles faced by Masaba, struggling alone to find a home for a ‘single lady’ and the quarrel with herself whether to move out of her mother’s house to start a new life or just tag along with her. 

All viewers got a shot of motivation when Masaba decided to start afresh by moving out of her mother’s house but let’s be honest, house hunting is not a task for the faint-hearted and neither it was for Masaba. When she finally found her home, she and her friends started to design it and made it a perfect dream home for Masaba.

The show also beautifully put along with the storyline of “Hot Mess” which turns out to be Masaba’s new theme for the clothing line, we went into bundles of laughter when the whole fashion show was ruined because of the show stopper and the show itself turned out to be a mess.

Because of the not so successful fashion show, she was constantly being pressurized by investors as people were not purchasing the clothes, obviously because of the bad reputation. But, Masaba Gupta had a eureka moment when she decided to promote the entire clothing line of “Hot Mess” by picking her co-designers and employees as the models.

They did a photoshoot outside the studio only and to no one’s surprise, the line was a blockbuster hit and this time it was not a bad mess.

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Now if we talk about Neenaji, we know that she was struggling too with her acting career and with her personal life also because she was so engrossed with her professional life that she was totally ignoring her personal life with her husband. 

But things took a turn when she was offered a lead role in a movie named “Badhaai Ho” in which she was supposed to play the role of a woman more than 60 years of age being pregnant. The movie was a blockbuster hit as it helped to break many Indian stereotypes. Neenaji surely got her respect back by playing this role.

Masaba Masaba showed the viewers how things can take a toll on famous personalities irrespective of their ages. The show ended with a very interesting cliffhanger and we are eagerly waiting for the second season.


Watch the teaser for the show here - Masaba Masaba

Written and edited by – Anamika malik

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