Saurabh Gadhavi - Only Focus on Your Hard Work & Search for Your Limitations. Once You Find It Make It Your Strength (International Drummer and Percussionist)

 Saurabh Gadhavi

International Drummer and Percussionist, Solo performer, Music Arranger, DJ percussionist, Session artist, Fire, and liquid Drummer

He got appreciation and blessing from legends of the music industry like Sonu Nigam, Sachin Jigar, Salim Sulaiman, VidyaVox, Sona Mohapatra, Master Saleem, AshKing, Rabbani Mustafa Khan, Falguni Pathak, Shivamani, Taufiq Qureshi, Anuradha Pal, OjasAdhiya, NavinSharma, KazRodriguez, Darshan Doshi, Sourabh Goho, Sanket Naik, Dipesh Varma, Jomey George, Naitik Nagda and many more respected legend artists recognized his art honestly.

1.Tell us more about your background and journey.

My name is Saurabh Dinesh Gadhavi. I am a 22-year old handicapped young man. But I and my family are proud of this. I have a by-born physical orthopedic defect. My disability percentage is 80%, Because of low calcium, it happens when I birth. I have not my left hand from the elbow, But with the blessings of parents, elders, and the infinite grace of Mataji, I can forget my situation and Today, I am an international drummer & percussionist as well as differently able tabla player.

Since I was five years old, my father Dinesh Gadhvai gave me knowledge of tabla, drums & percussions. I love tabla but the use of fingers was the main thing in all these instruments. So, it was very difficult for me to play these instruments. I started playing, and learning instruments like Timbali, Roto Drum, Nagara, etc. by trying a stick attaching with cloth on my half left hand. "What will artists say?"  Forgetting that as well as counting the comments of some people, I started playing on my own way & own style. In a short time, everyone welcomed me and gave respect to my art.  

At this time many people were advising my family to have my hand-operated and let me have an electric hand transplant. Some well-wishers suggested that it's better to get me educated at the "institution for the disabled" so that I could be trained at the center for future employment and receive special benefits as a pension and other disability-related benefits under government schemes.

But ignoring all this, I was raised as a normal child. Even at school my friends and teachers never let me feel embarrassed about my disability. I had to do something to bring out the skills in me and carry on our family's musical heritage. I started learning drums by holding sticks in one hand, forgetting what people would say, and what other artists would say. In a short time, everyone welcomed me and started respecting my art.

I started my career in 2007 at the age of 10 by playing drums in temples Aarti, Ganapati Pujan, and school programs. Over time I started participating in small programs. In 2009, I had the opportunity to present my art on All India Radio (AIR).  

As soon as this happened, my interviews started appearing in many newspapers, magazines, and news channels. Then over time, I got a chance to present my art in the national arena through Doordarshan. It was a time of great happiness for our family and the reason for this happiness was I. This joy is indescribable to me even today.

Going forward, from 2012 onward, with pride I gave performances in the well-known stages. Apart from this I am currently working with various event management companies and arranging rhythms for wedding events, corporate events, etc. under the name of the "S.D. Gadhvai & Rhythm" group introducing different concepts like water drumming, fire drumming & Indian rhythm solo.  Apart from Gujarat, programs have also been given in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Hyderabad, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Odisha. Further, I am also enthusiastically involved in programs for other disabled people like me.

At the end of 2019 in September-October, I did a 2-month special tour of Manchester - the UK for Navratri and Diwali festival shows. Where I got a lot of respect and best wishes from Britishers. Like this, my career as a successful international artist began.  

After completing this tour and returning, I received the very good news that as a disabled person, I received an award from the Government of Gujarat for the best performance in the field of self-employment as a disabled. Along with this I also have received numerous awards in other organizations and private event management.

I have given equal importance to my studies along with my hobby of music. I have PR 79.17 in the SSC exam, PR 91.14 in the HSC exam, and currently my B.Com. Completed with 70.93% and currently M.Com. I am also preparing for government exams.

2. When did you first decide you wanted to pursue music and how did you start?

My father Dinesh Gadhavi is a tabla player. My uncle (father's elder brother) Chetan Gadhavi is a singer. His son Ninad Gadhavi is also a drummer. My father and uncle have given programs to bring our culture forward through Navratri, Indian folk shows as well as various cultural programs in the national and international arena. 

My grandfather Ishradhan Gadhavi, who has made a great contribution to shaping the life of this musical family, who drawn many pictures in Bharat Mandir Porbandar, Gujrat & The World Famous Shri "Mogal" Mataji's Pictures.

That's why I decided to go into the art industry with my passion my music. I want to be able to play any instrument of the rhythm section with my own way & own style. I know it's difficult but I love it. With hard work & Self-confidence, I started my journey.

3. Which style do you like to be played the most? 

As a drummer & percussionist, I want to be a freelance musician for all types of musical concepts & generosity but I mostly like live jamming with DJ.

4. How you overcame your biggest fear?

I started playing, and learning instruments like Timbali, Roto Drum, Nagara, etc by tying a stick with cloth on my half left hand. "What will artists say?" Forgetting that as well as counting the comments of some people, I started playing on my own way & own style. In a short time, everyone welcomed me and gave respect to my art. The legendary artists recognized my art as a boon to me.

5. What was your favorite concert and the special thing that happened to you?

There are some special lists of my programs in the field of music which have some record-breaking hat - tricks. What made me more known to the people of Rajkot is that I have been invited to perform in the Rajkot Marathon three times in a row.  

In which from 4 am to 11 am various performances by different artists and DJs are taking place where I also played live drums and provided encouragement and entertainment to marathon runners.  Apart from this, I have entertained people at Rajwadi Rasotsav (Gujarat Navratri festival) for consecutive 3 years and have got lots of blessings. And also done many programs are given during Navratri in Mumbai in 2018 which is the most memorable. In National (N.S.S.) camps of college students, I had done performance there three times in a row. 

But My favorite stage is at MS university - Vadodara - as a solo performer, Here I shared the stage with various celebrity artists of the country's art world, and it is the most memorable event of my life. The performers there are rarely repeated a second time, but here I performed for three consecutive years which is a record. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to give a performance at a private party in Asia's largest "Ramoji" Film City - Hyderabad.  From 2015 to 2019, I got a lot of fame in the field of music.

6. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring artists?

Only focus on your hard work & search for your limitations. Once you find it make it your strength. It will take little time or a long time but when it will happen you can see the 7th sky 

7. Who is your favorite drummer and why?

One & Only "A. Shivamani" The legend. 

Shivamani sir is my idol/inspiration/guru & all in one for me. Their hard work & struggle makes him the world's best percussionist. He is god for me & many artists of the world.

Saurabh Gadhavi

Saurabh Gadhavi

Saurabh Gadhavi

International Drummer and Percussionist | Solo performer | Music Arranger | DJ percussionist | Session artist | Fire and liquid Drummer

Interviewed By: Vanshikha Bagga

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