Which Is The Most Expensive Country in the World

This is a country which is known for tourism, banks, their chocolates but one of the aspects that many of us had not thought of is that it is one of the most expensive countries in the world. cost of living index different cities across the world! New York was taken as the baseline while calculating this index. The cost of having an index of New York is 100 and it is counted as one of the world.

There are only more cities that are more expensive than New York and their cost of living index is more than New York and all 6 cities are in Switzerland the cost of living in India is 24 where as the cost of one the city in Switzerland that is Zurich is at 131 currently the highest in world.

Reason behind that is why some countries are expensive and others inexpensive

This question can be begun with another question. That's why developed and developing countries are still developing. 500 years ago in India and china were richer than Europe all were developing. Even though China and India were richer than Europe ,why is Europe developed and not China and India?

The reason is to say that humanity at that time of agricultural revolution . but when the industrial revolution was the same in Europe and after that advent of the Industrial Revolution the economy of the world started to revolve around industries.

Why did the Industrial Revolution started in Europe and not India and China?

It is because of climate in the southeast east Asian nations were comfortable ,the soil found here is suitable for growing crops thus flourishing agriculture. But in Europe the climate was/is completely opposite because of the latitudinal location.

The climate in Europe is very cold thus do not support the growth of different varieties of crops , this is why industrial revolution began in Europe not in India and china. Since the world economy today revolves around industrial revolution then the Europeans country obviously forged ahead.

Why is Switzerland - Especially So Expensive?

Switzerland is famous for their luxury watches and chocolate, a highly developed tourism sector. All these products are highly valued. Switzerland highly exports all these and many more luxury items. In comparison; what does India export to other countries!? Agricultural products.

So it is obvious that by exporting agricultural products we can't reach the value of these luxury items. Switzerland has a lot of rich people according to statistics Switzerland has the highest per capita of millionaires that amounts to 11.8%of their adult population. This country has attracted millionaires toward itself because the tax here is very low .The country doesn't charge so much for businesses.

The second reason why Switzerland is so expensive is that their banks are very safe they have remained highly popular throughout the history for people who wanted to export their money out of their countries an indulge in money laundering so, here the banks have high reputation, and the third and most important reason is that the country has remain stable and safe throughout its history.


So, in the light of the reasons explained above we can interpret that all these reasons together constitute towards the expense of this country, making it the most expensive country in the world.

Written By - Vanshu Verma

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