Why Some Countries are Happier than Others?


As people created Guinness Book Records and updated every year, they came up with a new delightful recording that concerns about the entire globe and not about a specific hit.

"The Happiest Countries in the World" sounds charming and attractive and make us craving travelling there.

A report have been made throughout the countries around the world to end up by choosing the happiest ones under some conditions that they found them out the common criteria between all these countries.

However, to discuss the reasons behind this astonishing feeling, here is the list of items that define the word "Happiness".

Happiness Concept

All people want to be happy which is good but looking deeper happy people tend to enjoy benefits that unhappy people don’t, they found happiness in success, higher earnings, great performance and helping others.

In addition, they are very social, have stronger romantic relationships with others, researches have also found to be more energetic, creative, trusting, loving and responsive.

Rather than being linked to external characteristics such as gender or age and socioeconomic status happiness is more related to laugher, humor, problem-solving skills, engaging in leisure activities, positive environment and well-balanced lifestyle.

Handful standards you can use to make yourself blissful, depends on how you work and heal yourself and how much you care about living peacefully happy.

And if searching deeply to see what really makes us happy we see that when we have more social services and security systems in addition to having a wonderful calming nature.

Less complaining, high gratitude and living day by day that what most of the happiest people do at all time.

Thus, we as the society and the citizens are the builders of our countries so in the end we are leading these countries to be ranked as the happiest countries on earth.

Happiest Countries around the World

Even though happiness is a difficult criteria to be measured but U.N Sustainable Development Solutions Network tried to figure out and published the World Happiness Report behind a study that analyzed the bond between development and happiness.

All of sudden, the report showed that the majority are the European countries including the Scandinavian lands and two other non-European countries which are:

Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, New Zealand and Canada.


Rank the number one for the fourth year. The report presented the high measures of mutual trust that have helped to protect lives and livelihoods during the pandemic

The top education system among the world, they occupy a widespread esteem for teachers who are required to have a master’s degree a pedagogical system that focuses less on quantitative testing and more on experiential learning and equal opportunity.


Number two, the bike friendly, with such lifestyle choices as the now internationally recognized "Hygge," the Danish way of life has long been coveted around the world.

It hits that level due to its social support; generosity and life expectancy add to that a number of different categories, including trust in the government, economic security, freedom, civil participation, and work-life balance.


Land that is highly engaged in terms of democratic participation where everything is voted on, ranging the number of vacation days and how many immigrants should be allowed into the country.

The Swiss are known to be insular, and it can be off-putting to first-time visitors, but there is a strong social fabric held together by a belief that every voice matters, which can go a long way toward feeling content.


With numerous nature issues like the long winters and the active volcanoes, Icelanders are friendly people who stood for each others during disasters especially after the 2007 financial collapse and subsequent revitalization.


Happiness in this country starts young among the toddlers and teenagers.

A report collected by the Dutch Statistics Office, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef, have all shown in 2023 rated the Dutch children are the happiest in the world based on the number of metrics related to safety, health and educational well-being.



Even though the rate is going down comparing to the previous years, this country stills one of the best places in the world to live, work and raise family due to multiple things.

Well respected education system, world leading practices including generous parental leave and free childcare.


It has been dropping in rankings since 2017 but Norwegians have little to complain about in terms of their life evaluations.

Having one of the best social security systems in the world a thriving economy which is based on the responsible management of its natural resources and of course, living in a country where spending time outdoors is venerated, Norway’s outstanding natural beauty surely helps, too.


High score of life expectancy, its capital Vienna retains the little of the most livable city in the world in the recent years, the high-income country with good social services

In addition, the freedom to enjoy living there due to the abundance of the outdoors to cultivating their land and biking.

New Zealand

Away from the European countries, New Zealand that is rich by its beaches, vineyards and mountains ranks one of the happiest countries' levels around the world.

The quality of life and the work-life balance and also the steps taken by its Prime Minister who handled perfectly the pandemic issue where she saved countless Kiwi lives and helping open up society earlier than the rest of the world played also a good role.


Another non European countries hits level of the happiest countries in the world, its International Day Of Happiness today pushes Canada to have high rate of happiness.

Over the years, according to the report, the data and analysis in the Happiness Report has “helped to satisfy, and perhaps to fuel, growing public interest in applying the science of happiness to public affairs.

Wherever you live, it is true that you can offer a happy rank for your country because we are the formers and makers of the society so we can definitely build our happiness.

Written by - Rayan Issa

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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