5 Authentic Goal Setting Techniques


Setting goals is imperative to living a happy and fulfilling life...
- Amplio Coaching

Goals provide us with the focus to channel our energy into the direction that’s best for us, our friends, family and the world itself. We all want a better world and hence we should all want people to set their goals well. Goals should be motivational, personal and in line with our values and identity. There are certain techniques which can help an individual in setting a goal effectively. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Techniques That Come in Handy

1. S.M.A.R.T

The SMART goals technique basically stipulates that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Talking About Its Benefits:

It has the ability to accurately gauge whether the goal has been reached.
Provides direction and clarity.

Woah! Disadvantages:

- Achievement addiction

- Results in identity confusion

- Spiritual starvation

- Cardi- B's OKR!!

OKRs is a popular concept nowadays. You could call them the Google way of setting goals. The goals are based on the objectives you want to accomplish and the key metrics that must be achieved to reach these objectives.
The purpose of OKRs is to connect company, team, and personal goals to measurable results while having all the team members and the leaders work together towards the same direction.

2. B.H.A.G

This is an abbreviation referring to Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Confusing? it's a common hindi term to ask people to run away, I know easy to remember.
BHAG goals are goals that focus on the ideal future scenario. It is kind of the desired state that occurs in your wildest dreams, that you are aiming for in terms of your personal life.

Personal BHAG goals will not be attained overnight, but should provide you with the motivation to keep hustling.

3. Backward Glance

I like to consider myself a rational person. That’s why I like the “backward goals” technique. Backward goal-setting is like setting a dot on the horizon and reverse-engineering your way towards this dot.

For example, if you wanted to become an Account Director at a big multinational company in 5 years, you could dissect the process and determine milestones to reach that goal, like working as an Account Manager at a smaller company for 2 years to gain experience in the field.

4. Frame of Mind or One Word

One-Word Goal-setting stands out amidst the other techniques because it's based on a radical concept: setting one-word goals (as the name suggests). Goal-setting with merely one word helps us to simplify our lives.

It is a way to shut out all the noise in our lives and let life take its course on the basis of one focus word. In this fast-moving society, it is a way to stay close to our goal.

5. 5 Authentic Goal-Setting

- Clarity
- Challenge
- Commitment
- Feedback
- Task complexity

It’s for a reason that Locke and Latham are the godfathers of goal-setting, because this technique is all-encompassing and complete.

Sometimes, we really believe one of the techniques is a perfect fit for a client. Oftentimes we are mistaken. Only you know which technique suits you best. In the end, we recommend using a combination of all of them, depending on the context of the goal. But all it demands is patience, time and dedication to your aim.

Here the techniques have been easily drawn down to remember them. It is always a great way to start an career and be successful.

Written by - Jesvin Joseph
Edited by - Prachi Raheja

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