Mehr Panchal - It’s Not Always Easy to Come up With a Content Idea That Will Lead to an Interesting Post (Digital Content Creator, India)

Instagram - @mehrpanchal

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I come from a middle class family with very supportive parents. Alongside they never let me get distracted because of this social media, I simultaneously make sure to ace every subject that I'm studying.

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content and how did you start?

Last year it just clicked me randomly when I saw people creating their self portraits, i got keen to do the same. I took it up , it honestly helped me grow, gradually started taking up few barter and some payable collaborations and promotions.

3. What is your opinion of body image created by the media and how hard is it to put up with it?

To be honest, not everything you see on social media is the reality, you never know what a person and its family is going through to reach that point and aim whatever they wish to. 

Well, it definitely is hard to manage your real life and social media life. Everybody’s journey is simply different, as such success doesn’t come easy.

4. What are some of your upcoming projects?

Initially, when I started with my career my very first brand collaborations were with Daniel Wellington and Mama Earth. Currently I’m working with L’Oreal Paris and GOODHAIR. It is indeed an amazing feeling to work with such great brands !

5. Who is your favourite fashion blogger and why?

I personally love Komal Pandey and Santoshi Shetty. Santoshi’s sense of fashion is extremely eccentric and hence super inspiring! (Super modern, edgy and chic) Moreover, her feed has a beautiful aesthetic that will keep you hooked to her profile. 

On the other hand, Komal is extremely creative with her looks and is always trying something new. Other preferences are Caughtinacuff, Ashna Shroff, Shetroublemaker and thatbohogirl.

6. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content?

It’s not always easy to come up with a content idea that will lead to an interesting post, especially when there’s time pressure or simply lack of inspiration. Well my inspiration comes from Pinterest boards, Instagram saved/recommended posts, trends etc.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

I am not actually a reader though. But I do read a lot of inspirational articles, current happenings and so on.

8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring creators and bloggers?

Here are few pointers- 
  • get ideas from your audience (know and understand them better)
  • keep improvising the skills
  • keep putting up newer and interesting stuff to catch-hold other audience’s eyes
  • looks for content, the target audience likely cares about

- Interviewed by - Sanjana Jain

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