Rizwann Sikander - At The Age Of 19, I Did My First Onscreen Debut And Won Global Famous Reality Show 'Fear Factor India' (Indian Actor)

I have featured in various prints, fashion ramp shows, TV commercial and soon became sensational among the top reality shows like Star Plus Zee Cine Stars kisi khoj Season 2, Star plus - Aaja Mahi Vay, and more than a Decade youth Iconic MTV India Roadies X2. Wrote a Hip hop/Rap and featured in a song based on a roadie show titled "Roadie Hoon Main". As Fame spiked rapidly I took a step towards TOP Indian Fictional Shows - Kayamath, Kasam Se, Kasauti Zindagi Ki & and many more.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Born in Makrana city, Rajasthan and raised in the land of Bollywood. I finished my education in Mumbai, and begin my career by winning Fear Factor India at the age of 19. Later I started getting modelling assignments, prints, fashion ramp shows, Tv commercial and soon became sensational among the top reality shows like Star Plus Zee Cine Stars kisi khoj Season 2, Star plus - Aaja Mahi Vay, and featured in Top Indian Fictional Shows - Kayamath, Kasam Se, Kasauti Zindagi Ki & and many more.

I decided to move to London - the UK to explore international experience managed to grab a chance for "Nissan Car' TV commercial and (In British English Accent) Hosted a French TV reality shows Episode, while working as a part-time job as a restaurant manager at London's one of the top famous Turkish restaurant near Victoria Bus Station, And did some theatre workshops, short film and featured in music videos. Soon Then headed back to Mumbai took apart in more than a Decade youth Iconic MTV India Roadies X2. Wrote a Hip hop/Rap and featured in a song based on a roadie show titled “Roadie Hoon Main”. 

As Fame spiked rapidly I took a step towards creating Travel, Lifestyle, Fitness & Adventure Based show called “Compass” season 1 based in Mumbai and soon to be on OTT platforms. Soon after got feature in a short film which is on "Number 2 as "The Most Watched Short Film" on a YouTube platform, having 45 Million Viewers and the count is going on, Film Titled as "TECHSEX" as a Lead opposite to India one of the most Elite hosts & Hot Actress "Kubra Sait" Having huge fame and highly talked about on her performance in the Netflix series "Scared Games" and with Co-Actor, The Comedy king " Mr Suresh Mishra".Produced & Directed by India's Top Personality Mr. Shailendra Singh (CEO OF Sunburn Music Festival and Percept Pictures which has produced more than 50 feature films in Indian Cinema).

Soon I did a short film "What do you want" It showcases my acting skill and excellence as a grey shades character, which is highly been appreciated all over the world. Directed by Mr Phillips Jamal Richard (Dubai Based) Film Story has a one-man show which is based on a Monologue from Kevin Spacey's film called "Swimming with sharks' .

Started his experience as an executive producer of a web series of short films called "Ab Dil Ki Sunn" And since then been acting and producing projects. During the 2020 pandemic's Lockdown Directed, Produced and Acted as dual leads in a title called "Atmanirbhar" Based on PM Mr. Narendra Modi Campaign Atmanirbhar, film has been selected at few film festivals as well and now leaping towards to Bollywood movies. New projects are lined up to start shooting in mid-year of 2021.

2. Did you ever think or dream of being an actor?

Yes, I always did, since childhood. As I was blessed to have a video library which was ruined by my father at native, which had Bollywood, Hollywood and some international movies collection. And have been highly attracted to heroism stories in genres like action, romance, thriller, drama, comedy and horror was my most favourite. Been a huge fan of Indian Hercules and the most handsome actor of Bollywood " Dharmendar & in that Era "The Angry Young Man Mr. Amitabh Bhachachan" to Chinese films Most adorable Action Hero non-other than Legend "Mr. Jackie Chan" to Hollywood hero's with Global Fame "Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger". 

At the age of 9 moved to the land of Bollywood - Mumbai for my father business, since then I lived in Mumbai and luckily have been witnessing the film industry at an early age of 14 along with my eldest sister, An Indian Actress "Shama Sikandar" During the beginning to reach to the Top in her journey to Bollywood.

In my 20's Had My First onscreen debut and won the One Million Indian money prize in the Globally Famous reality show 'Fear Factor India' and created History. Later there was no stopping towards the Entertainment Business and Happily still going on towards the mainstream movies and web series.

3. How can one approach their career and have the confidence and belief to become an actor?

One must learn to know his inner self and physical abilities. Inner self will help one to recall, relive or imagine to the fullest Only if he/she is truly known his/her oneness in all senses, so one must explore those emotions and physical also helps a lot to perform, as your confidant at it. 

Keep educating yourself in all aspect of living, whatever is your favourite subject are, Politics, Technology, Yoga, Cooking, News, Science Painting, etc, also don't miss out on athletic skills not mandatory but having doesn't hurt anybody, focus more on strategy games which keeps mind active and looking out possibilities also strengthen inner self for a longer Goals, for example, you're playing a superhero or a biopic of roles and one have to live his/her entire journey for which as an actor has to be living that life so a long period so it's a lot of physical tasks, consistency, being patient with the process of characters makeup and costumes which your playing Or giving interviews or giving lectures on acting. one can use such vast knowledge at certain events of life or simply for Self Growth. 

So "Go Out there, be in the moments, Own that space and The World is yours" And it's my mantra, which I believe in and live my life accordingly.

4. If not this, what would you be doing?

I am only meant to act, did in past, doing currently and will continue doing till my last breath. I am born for it and chosen for it. Hence I'm successful today.

Even though having skills at the professional level in multiple fields like Fitness, Calisthenics, Parkour, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Dance and Film Making.

Any Day I would only choose Acting. For me, it's beyond Name, Fame or Money. It's more of a soulful doing, to leave a legacy for the world.

5. For a complete outsider with inroads, what advice would you like to give?

Watch world cinema helps to know how storytelling is in different parts of the world and listen to filmmakers and actors to the takes on movies and know their personal lives. And to be honest, it's as simple as the word called "Explore" No Matter Which field or industry your at, There is No One Way or Formula or Method to reach your desire goals. Do not just go by what's given to you, do your research on the background to bring your magic touch, as Everyone's story, characters perception, takes, emotions, relationship, behaviour are different. So do go all out there, keep auditioning, watch theatres, if possible join a theatre company to learn the process of inner discovery of the character, or learn film making to have awareness in the entire process of making and acting. 

Don't forget to attend award functions & parties to socialize with industry people, even I'm current scenario do online, look for all the micro possibilities to get your desired Mark in the Field by whatever or however you can, just do it will 100%.

6. What is your mantra of success?

Success Is defined by individual means, according to me Knowing Self 100% and being content with it. To me, it's very important so one can live, face any situation or circumstances and importantly to survive. Rest all are materialistic things, they come and goes, nothing remains with you. Just You with You And as once known his/her self entirely can be achieved or reach anything.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

I'm not a book person. I always felt my legacy in my doing will be written down one day and I shall read my autobiography. Currently, I am exploring cuz I'm still on the adventuring the journey of being in movies, having multiple skills like Parkour, Calisthenics, Laws Tennis, Cricket and Martial Art. All of those I do with my purest, passionate efforts by my soul to leave a marvelous legacy to be remembered forever as Best in the world. 

Rizwann Sikander (Actor)

- Interviewed By Pratibha Sahani

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