Anti-Asian Racism Protest: On an Alarming Rise


Asians are considered as hard-working and high-achieving racial group in the western world. Not from today but from ancient time Asian people have consistently been transferred to western area not only because of our hardworking attribute but also because of our wisdom and creative minds.

Asian had always assisted in development of western world in almost all the fields.

But in the wake of Covid-19 Asian communities across the western world were brutally criticized. From USA to Europe in several areas Asian people were considered as the reason behind the spread of these pandemic. Due to this the image of Asians in western word were brutally assaulted.

According to 2019 Census board Asian Americans consist of 5.7% of US pollution. Asians had always been an important part in development of America. But few months back there has been an alarming rise of xenophobic backlash and racial harassment and violence against Asians globally

A western country like USA has blamed China as the sole reason behind the spread of virus in this world. Moreover ex-President of USA has declared the Covid-19 vaccine as a Chinese vaccine. These instances have made the conditions for Chinese people in USA worse.

We Asians are also human ad are abide to have respect.

Covid-19 and Asian Racism

Year 2020 came up with a new struggle to this world, a pandemic named Covid-19. First case of this deadly viral disease was found in Wuhan China. Moreover several studies and incidents also made it clear that due to ignorance, this new strain of virus spread across world.

Covid-19 stain of virus has left a brutal impact not only on this world’s economy but has also gifted this world with a new normal. New normal completely confines us all in our respective houses.

But now you would be literally shocked to acknowledge that due to this unprecedented disease Asians across world has to face Racism.

Attacks against Asian are not only confined to America, but it is becoming a bigger problem in Britain itself. According to one statistics, attacks against Asians have increased by 300% ever since the corona virus pandemic begin. The conditions of Asian across world are getting brutal.

Impact of Racism

More than 1000 cases have been reported where Asians were threatened or mocked, assaulted and frightened. The conditions have become that brutal that Asians are now considering themselves as the vulnerable section of this society.

Asians play an integral role in American mining, agriculture, textiles, and perhaps most prominently, the Transcontinental Railroad. Yet Asian immigrants had faced mounting hostility from white settlers who saw them as an economic, health, and moral threat.

There has been a spate of violent attacks against elderly Asians. The children and student are also mocked in institutions with racist comments. But this issue came in limelight after those horrific shootings at Atlanta.

On 16 March 2021, a series of shooting was occurred in 3 spas, in which 8 people lost their lives out of which 6 were Asian women. In Canada there has been rise in anti-racist cases by 700% in city; like Vancouver. All in all the hate towards the Asian people has risen up to new heights regardless of our hard-working attributes.

Several Asian families are threaten and have decided to start protest against this prejudice.

Anti-Racism Protest

Rise in cases of Anti-Asian hate has made the Asian community more and more vulnerable. Now to stop this racist behavior in North America the Asian Communities has started raising their voice.

Just like George Floyd protests have led to an alarming impact on the US government, similarly protest against Asian Racism has also captured the eyes of whole world. Not only local communities but Human Right Commission has declared the racist acts as unhuman.

Now several Asian people fed up of such brutal behavior have risen up their voice and demanded up for their basic rights of humanity. Western people are considering them as Virus, but does this make any sense?

Several Asians across Western world are now trying to overcome this mental trauma caused due to racist behavior. Moreover they are also trying their level best to curb all this problem.

Asians had always played a vital role in the development of the western area, so don’t you think they should be respected? Yes, each and every human have their right to be respected irrespective of their caste, color and creed.

Non-Asians have to self-educate on anti-Asian racism. Asians are also human and always tried to develop a bond not from past several years. Non-Asians have to understand the worth of Asians — and how today #StopAsianHate movement is fit.

To combat rising anti-Asian racism, Western democracies have to take stringent steps. A ‘whole-of-society’ approach that involves the government, civil society, grassroots communities and academia have to understand the worth Asians and should eradicate this hate. This will need to entail raising awareness, educating the general population and legislating against offenders.

Written By - Ashwin Kalra

Edited by - Adrija Saha

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