Mohammad Zama - Content Creating as a Profession in India Is Stable If You Are Original & Talented (Comedian & Content Creator, India)

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1. How and when did you choose comedy and social media influencing as a career?

From my early childhood itself, comedy was my passion, at the age of 7-8 I used to mimic cartoons. Slowly slowly it went on and I became better at mimicry by imitating actors. I used to participate in school events but I wasn’t much active on social media as a "Content Creator". 

Back in 2019-20, I started posting videos but not regularly. But due to the spread of coronavirus and lockdown in the whole nation, a show named “ Go Fun Yourself On Voot "By Kusha Kapila was launched on Voot. I came to know through advertisements and randomly participated in that show, where participants use to get weekly challenges. 

In the very first week, I got featured and by the fourth week, I won the contest. Luckily I won iPhone 11 as a winning prize, which of course my favourite mobile. From then onwards my confidence level got boosted, and I started my Content Creating journey from there. 

Gradually by daily posting content, I gained more audience. And when Instagram launched reels. This feature gave me a good reach and, I went on and on till here, now it's been more than one year into content creation.

2. What type of content do you enjoy producing the most and is the most challenging?

I personally enjoy doing a skit type of content, where I can show my craft & acting skills more precisely. Like movie spoof, monologues, rants, etc. But currently, the audience is keener towards short duration content (15-60 secs max). 

That’s where the challenging task comes, where I have to make relatable as well as funny, unique & fresh content. So in the process of ideation lots & lots of brainstorming is required. I believe in originality. So when you are an original creator you need to maintain quality & quantity both, that’s really a tough drill to maintain. Posting daily has given me better reach, so I always try to keep my audience happy by posting daily.

3. Do you prefer digital as a medium or do you enjoy doing live gigs more and why?

I prefer both, I am an extrovert kind of person and since childhood, I have been performing dance & mimicry on stage, I am very comfortable on stage. But again to be honest Digitally we get time to organise the stuff that we are gonna post or perform. And while doing live gigs we have to be spontaneous and interactive as well.

4. People, who are interested in taking up stand-up comedy as a profession, do they need a funny bone or they can develop one?

Stand-up is a very different thing than digital comedy. Even I have never done it, I would love to do it maybe in future. According to my, it doesn’t matter to have a funny bone for stand up, because I believe everyone has their own story with them, everyone has different observations & real-life characters with them. Being weird is the most amazing thing for stand up, portraying what we have experienced doesn’t need any funny background.

5. How stable is being a content creator as a profession in India? And what is the future of this profession?

Content Creating as a profession in India is stable if you are original & talented, and if you are getting paid for what you love doing, that can be the best thing to happen in life. In every field, the future depends on skills, growth & never settling attitude. Stating that I am the best will be a barrier to content creation.

6. What impact do you want to make in this world?

I don’t think much about making it in the world, I believe in the present and my satisfaction depends on how many re-takes I take to give a perfect shot. Rest I leave everything on almighty.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

I am not much into reading but I listen to the people I admire a lot like Naseeruddin Shah sir, Manoj Bachpai sir, Shahrukh Khan sir, Sanjay Mishra sir, Pankaj Tripathi sir. Listening & learning has guided me to keep myself on track.

- Interviewed by - Sanjana Jain

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