Movie Review: ‘Frozen’ - Breaking All The Stereotypes

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A mysterious excursion of affection and self-discovery. The movie is simple in the thing it is attempting to portray. Startling and dazzling, flawlessly imagined, genuinely amazing and significant.

Beautiful visuals, staggering settings and complexities like you have never seen. The thrilling mind and humor, the varieties of various characters, their feelings, their victories and falls make them probably the most intriguing characters that individuals can identify with. 


Movie’s Name - Frozen 

Cast - Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff

Director - Chris Buck

Duration - 1 hour and 49 minutes

Genre - Fiction, Comedy, Romance 

Language - English

Plot - Spoiler Alert!

Elsa and Anna are two sisters. They are the princesses of Arendelle. Arendelle is the excellent kingdom that Anna and Elsa live in. It's encircled by water– not very good in a chilly climate and by and large appears to be pretty much Disney-magical. 

In childhood, while the sisters were playing, Elsa by mistake hurt Anna. The parents, king and the queen became acquainted with the fact that Elsa had some mysterious powers that could turn things into ice or could hurt someone unintentionally. 

They took them to the trolls led by great Pabbie. Elsa realizing this distanced herself from Anna, to not to hurt her sister and to protect her. At her 21st birthday Elsa is to be crowned queen. After the childhood accident, for the first time the palace was open for visitors. 

Among them are the conspiring Duke of Weselton and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, with whom Anna experiences passionate feelings from the first sight. Anna and Hans get close during the ceremony and Hans promptly proposes to Anna in the ceremony. 

To seek blessings from her sister, Anna is dejected at Elsa’s rejection of accepting her and Han’s relationship. Constant persuasion from Anna, the anxious and fearful Elsa releases her powers in front of the court. The duke says she is a monster. Fearful of what may happen, Elsa settles in the North Mountains.

Anna tries to find Elsa and in the process she crosses paths with Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, she convinces them to help her. When Anna reaches Elsa, Elsa refuses to come back with Anna fearful of her powers and unknowingly in the argument she freezes Anna's heart.

Kristoff takes her to Hans so that a true love kiss can unfreeze her heart. Hans and duke try to find Elsa with a secret motive of killing her. 

They capture Elsa. Hans refuses to kiss Anna ‘cause he always wanted to kill both sisters to capture Arendelle. He lets Anna die so that later he can say that Elsa killed Anna. Elsa escapes from the prison and to save Anna, realises she loved Kristoff and not Hans. Kristoff also came back to save Anna and to tell her he loves her. In the end, Hans is caught.  

How ‘Frozen’ Broke All the Rules ?

Most Disney movies have plots where the female protagonist is  only a beautiful girl, and only their beauty is the one that matters. Females fall in problems and only a man has to come and rescue them.

They are not shown as strong, independent and someone with a great personality. They are made to fall in love with each other at first meeting irrespective of their personalities.

In ‘Frozen’ there are two female protagonists, Elsa and Anna. They both are strong minded, tough physically and emotionally and do not need a man to save them. Anna loves Kristoff because he is goofy, funny and because of their understanding with each other.

Elsa does not have a love interest, which shows that her character can be developed as someone belonging from the LGBTQ community, showing the huge acceptance of reality. The characters defy the societal norms and rules set before in Disney movies. The characters have attributes, their own depths and challenges. The females are at front rather than the male characters. 

The score and music is great. The score is fabulous. The sound, the surface, the congruity, the tune is in its very own class.


Frozen is one Disney magical journey completely different from the ones you have seen. Beautiful animations and well written characters and dialogue. This one lovely, magnificent journey of breaking stereotypical mindsets and revealing a bit of reality with a beautiful twist and fiction. 

My Ratings for the Movie - 5 on 5

Written By - Manika Gupta 

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