Movie Review: ‘Masaan’ - An Incredible Story of Love and Loss


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Throwing light on the dark side of our society this movie surely makes us question our beliefs and destiny. Following the life of two strangers, Devi and Deepak, they share nothing in common yet are somewhat intertwined by the same fate.


Name of the Movie - Masaan

Starring - Richa Chadda as Devi Pathak and Vicky Kaushal as Deepak Chaudhary

Directed by - Neeraj Ghaywan

Release Date - 24 July 2015

Duration Time - 2 hours

Genre - Drama-Romance

Language - Hindi

Synopsis - Spoiler Alert!

Devi Pathak is a young woman who believes life is beyond the mind-set of the typical society she lives in. She is a trainer at the computer coaching centre. There she meets a guy, with whom she quickly develops a romantic bond. Just when they both were in their private space the sudden raid of the police officers horrifies them. 

On the parallel is the story of Deepak, a young and ambitious Engineering student.  Unfortunately his caste is something he’s not so confident about. He comes from the Dom community, people who burn dead bodies by the Ghats of Ganga. 

His Father wants him to come out of those flames of poverty and  rise above the fate he was born with. But then the young lad falls for a girl named Shalu and  does all he can to woo the girl. Their Love blooms amidst the shadows of the caste hierarchy.

About the Movie

Two adults with mutual consent were knocked out of their private space and harassed by the cops. The guy with whom Devi was, suddenly runs into the washroom and attempts to suicide. Oblivious of what tragedy had fallen into his daughter’s life Devi’s father is summoned at the police station only to hear what  sin his daughter committed. 

The father and daughter are informed about the guy's death. Then begins the  blackmailing of the police officer demanding a heavy sum of money. The poor father binded by the threads of respect he holds at the society, agrees to whatever the corrupt officer says. The feeling of guilt and remorse is ravaging her to the core of her soul.   

Only If you could dive into the ocean of emotions she was sinking in, you would know the depths of affliction she braced inside her. While the boat of love Deepak and Shalu  seems to be sailing all fine, deep down he knows for sure that their boat may never reach the island they seek for.

There is a scene in the movie where one of Deepak’s friends tells him “Bhai ladki upper caste ki hai.” The colours of love simply tend to fade away from his eyes as he knows this heart wrenching truth. He knows he can only love, love her immensely and yet his love will forever wander behind the backs of the people who call themselves the supreme one’s.

The flag bearers of the elite varnas. There comes a point when he gets extremely frustrated and tells her about his caste and the coterie he belongs to . Thinking that it's all over for them, Deepak gets a sudden call from Shalu. 

The call that gave a new purpose to his existence. Even Shalu knew her family would never let them be together but her love for Deepak was way more stronger than the will of her family.

She suggested that he get a stable job so that they could escape from the clutches of that pitiful and purblind society.He felt the warmth of the sun on that moonless night. 

Determined to get a job for them to live together he gave his best to get the placement. But like they say, you do not get everything you wish for . Deepak prepares himself for college while eagerly waiting for Shalu’s return from her pilgrimage. 

There comes one fateful night where Deepak is called for help as there happens to be several bodies at the Ghats to be cremated. This is what he’s been doing all his life but he does not even have the slightest idea of what the cruel fate has for him.

The body he is all set to cremate is non other than the girl he endures so much.  Yes, that's his Shalu ! all of her family members met with a tragic incident and unfortunately not even one could escape death.

Deepak’s life is now torn apart. His voyage of pain begins and more than his eyes that were supposed to weep, it's his heart that bleeds everyday. Both Devi and Deepak lost their way of life.

Tired of swallowing that hard cheese that destiny bestowed upon them they both decide to break the walls of Waterloo that were filled with remorse and agony, and hesitantly step  towards the bridge of salvation.

They both have a deep wound within them that will forever leave a scar in their souls. The scar that time may never heal. But they will eventually learn to live with it.

Maybe it was God’s Will, and perhaps destiny had its own plans but two complete strangers with nothing in common but immense pain meet at a sangam.  The Future is uncertain! What if their fate meets again or goes  their separate ways?  Perhaps it was meant to end this way.

The Bottom Line

This movie is not the type you usually see on big silver screens. No it does not have glamour, fancy cars and bungalows. Neither you will see Richa Chadda as Devi Pathak dancing in a chiffon saree. Far away from the world of fantasy, Masaan is the mirror of reality of today’s world. 

Deepak and Devi both walked through the flames of misery and sorrow and have attained salvation they both needed in different ways. This movie definitely teaches us one thing: that is when fate changes everything, faith is what keeps us going.

My Ratings for the Movie - 4 on 5

Written By - Manita Rai

Edited By - Sakshi Singh

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