What's an Influencer? Different Types of Influencers

An influencer is someone who has the power to influence, encourage and even convince people to turn their attention towards a product or service through digital marketing by promoting them through various social media platforms.

Popular Social Platforms Used By Influencers 

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat- through blogging, vlogging, sharing posts, podcasting, Pinterest, and so on.

Is It Easy To Become An Influencer?

It is definitely not an easy task as influencing not only means posting pictures and selfies but also actually implementing it in real-time to give the trusted followers a clear picture of why and how the particular service or product can be utilized and whether it is beneficial or not.

Types Of Influencers Based On Followers Count 

There are predominantly four variant kinds of influencers
  • Mega Influencer 
A mega influencer is someone who has followers sum up more than 1 million is basically considered in this category. These people have a humongous amount of followers count in all their social networking accounts.
  • Macro Influencer 
An individual who has followers ranging from 40 thousand to 1 million followers on a social network is called a macro-influencers. These types of influencers are mostly found engaged with popular or thriving brands as there are more macro-influencers compared to mega influencers.
  • Micro-Influencers 
They are most likely to have a follower count from 1 thousand to 40 thousand. They are mostly ordinary people striving to expertise in this field or doing it as a part-time duty for their own benefit as such.
  • Nano Influencers 
These people have followers’ less than 1 thousand followers. These are people who are new to this field; they probably want to engage more with their followers rather than desiring to be paid more.

Fake Influencers 

Fake influencers are those who get their followers through payment. Paid followers do not mean a thing in this influencers’ era. Those are mostly bots or it might even be some kinds of fake accounts which are indeed created by people who desperately desire followers count rather than being a genuine influencer. 

How Do Influencers Get Paid?

This actually depends on which social platform and where the influencer works.
  • Acting as a brand representative or as an envoy in co-operated marketing 
  • Co-inaugurated product lines 
  • Courses, subscriptions, and e-Books 
  • Display advertising 
  • Photo and video income management 
  • Promoting their very own merchandise 
  • Sponsored posts (or) images (or) motion pictures and logo campaigns 
This makes a perfect state for brands trying to achieve an identical target audience.

Written By - Priyadarshini
Edited By - Akash Verma

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