Book Review: Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

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Book Name: Five-point something

Author Name: Chetan Bhagat

Genre: fiction, buddy

About the Author:

Chetan Bhagat born 22 April 1974 is an Indian author and writer. He was encompassed in the Time newspaper list of the world's 100 Most Influential people in 2010. Bhagat succeeded in mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi and finished a PGP at IIM Ahmedabad. 

He commenced his career as an investment banker but evacuated it after a few years to follow writing. He has inscribed nine novels and three non-fiction books. His first book, five-point someone, was circulated in 2004. His novels have been listed as a bestseller.

Five of Chetan Bhagat's novels have been modified into Bollywood films like Hello in 2008, 3 idiots in 2009, kai po che! In 2013, 2 states in 2014, and a half girlfriend in 2017. Bhagat has moreover written the story of Bollywood-like kick in 2014. Bhagat won the Filmfare Award in 2014. He is also often established in disagreements on Twitter.

Chetan Bhagat grew up in Naraina Vihar, West Delhi in a formal middle-class Punjabi Hindu family. His father assisted as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian army and his mother served in a government job in the agricultural department. He was schooled at the Army civil school, doula Kuan. He alleges to have been a normal student at the age of 15.

About the Book:

A relationship story by a fellow writer is invariably a pleasant expansion to the bookshelves of the nation. And when the columnist is an investment banker of Indian inception for an American bank in hong kong who wants to establish art not just purchase it, you got to bring out the blushing carpet.

Thwarting a conception is ever a good thing and Chetan Bhagat's initial novel does just that. Linking the gap between educational overachievers and typical mortals, it is a story about three friends.

Hari, the narrator, is clasped between his two best friends in every path. Ryan is a sharp, imaginative, wealthy, and handsome student whose rich parents give him lots of good stuff but not sufficient love. He has frivolity to lose and is continuously hatching conspiracies to undermine the bad system of valuing that assassinates the best pleasure years of your life, not to illustrate imaginativeness and individuality. Which he has in the lot.

Fatso Alok is needy, with a paralyzed dad, a sister to marry off, and a mother who slogs at a poorly paid job while continuously wiping away her bursts with the verge of her sari. 

Though he once needed to be an artist, Alok is now encouraged by one thing – get the ranks in the hope of a US scholarship, a nice job, and the waiver from his household unremitting monetary duress. Unnecessary to say, Alok and Ryan fall out and Hari is grabbed in the middle.

A glass to all that is untrue and particularly to a work ethic that evacuates one with tiny time for oneself and one’s relationships, the novel is littered with all the pleasant stuff that “muggles” like Venkat forego-vodka, marijuana, sports, ragging, pranks, cinema, actual existence.

Girls are gorgeous, let’s face it? Life is peaceful, unnecessary without them, says Hari. Neha his mistress, is the toe-ring wearing, ice cream, slurping, lovely, artsy, faintly neurotic daughter of the terrifying lecturer Cherian.

Yanked, as many are, about being a decent girl who wants to do terrible stuff, Neha’s character is a susceptible portrayal of what it's like to be young and female in an overprotective, patriarchal realm. Of course, just when Hari gains her trust, he comes out relinquishing her and on the untrue side of her dad and the law appreciation to one of Ryan's schemes. 

A warning of eviction and a suicidal try carry the book to a boil. Extremely much judgment, condemnation, and probabilities lead to acts of misery, which indicates the narrative. GPAs make a nice student, not a decent person. 

Although the writing can be entirely bumping and clumsy -this, however, could be purposeful to build a description of factual colloquial language it is a well-constructed novel with tremendous personalities and an absorbing conspiracy.

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My view:

I would say that this is one of the nicest works of Chetan Bhagat. This edition was very ahead of its time as it discusses the deceptions of the Indian Educational system. The story is felled, and you can understand the battles of being middle where commonly toppers are found. 

One aspect I did not related though was the author involved himself at the beginning of the book. I thought it was only in half girlfriend, but I saw a similar thing. And I guessed that the book did not appear the anticipation about why Ryan's connection with his parent was like that and there should have been a chapter indicating it.

My rating for the book is 5/5

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Written By - Muskan Gupta
Edited By - Anamika Malik

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