Raam Anand - The World Is In Chaos Right Now And It Needs 'You' To Show Up And 'Lead' The People (Founder Of Stardom Alliance, India)

Today, I am humbled to be on the speed-dial of hundreds of top leaders around the world. I have helped thousands of experts, entrepreneurs, and professionals find and spread their message to the world in a big way. Back then, when I started, it was not easy because I couldn't find a mentor nor afford a coach. However, the persistence, grit, and determination paid off in a big way.

1. Tell us more about your company and your journey.

In 2001, I quit my IT-job. All I had was about $500 in total savings. I and my wife, with my 1-year old son, set out on a new adventure. The idea of starting a business was always burning inside but did not get a chance until then. But, as fate would have it, the timing was wrong. 

The next five years was a big turmoil, trying to earn a living, establishing a business and at the same time, supporting my wife and raising our son. Today, I am humbled to be on the speed-dial of hundreds of top leaders around the world. I have helped thousands of experts, entrepreneurs, and professionals find and spread their message to the world in a big way. 

Back then, when I started, it was not easy because I couldn't find a mentor nor afford a coach. However, the persistence, grit, and determination paid off in a big way. I am considered as a top publishing expert, coaching and advising top leaders on influence, persuasion, leadership, high-performance, writing, publishing, and so on and so forth. And, I believe that every person on this planet, has a message to the world. 

It has to be found, refined and spread in a big way. That's exactly what I do with my clients, aspiring authors, and students, today.

2. How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it?

Well, it didn't happen overnight. It took fifteen years to reach this level. The fundamental idea of "messaging" occurred after years of trials and failures. I think most people have to go through such cycles in order to be successful. Failure is familiar territory for anyone who has tasted success. 

In fact, success is sometimes feared by many people because it's not familiar; they don't know it, especially when they find a big success or a breakthrough. That's what keeps most people from achieving their dreams. 

I realised that I had to create an atmosphere of positive "Influence" over my audience if I wanted to succeed. When I was trying to establish my business in North America at the beginning of my career, I started to wonder how some people had a tremendous amount of influence over their audience and whatever they said or spoke about, their fans followed.

I studied many influencers, politicians, entrepreneurs, and even people who started movements in different sectors. Was it charisma? Was it advertising? Or was it some secret potion that gave them those magical powers? To my pleasant surprise, I found a common thread across the board, across the spectrum of such successful people. 

They all had written books! They were the authorities in their topics because they were published authors. They were invited to speak on stages, featured in newspapers and magazines, invited to TV shows and asked to speak on the radio. All because they had the authority. And, authority comes from being an author.

So, I set out to become an author. Several years later, after many trials and errors, I finally put together a manuscript. It took me so much time and effort NOT because of my writing skills. I was not a professional writer. The big reason was, I did not have a coach or a mentor who could advise me on the right path and help me with book writing insights, frameworks, and perspective. It's not your writing or language skill that can create a roadblock but the lack of structure and proper advise.

After several years and failed attempts, I finally had a manuscript. How to make it into a book? I had no idea. New York was the publishing capital of the world, back then. I approached dozens of book publishers every week. Months passed by but no response from any of them. After more than 18 months, I still did not have a publisher who was willing to publish my book or even look at it. Throwing up the towel was the only option left.

But then, I realised that there could be hundreds or even thousands of people like me, who have a great message to share with the world, but they don't have the means to do it. That's what set the fire in my heart to start and establish my own publishing house that not only publishes books but also coaches and trains "non-writers" to create their own books. Helps people positively influence others. Empowers leaders to become even more well-known and famous by spreading their message in the form of books. That's what led to the creation of "Stardom Books", a hybrid publishing house created specially for first-time authors who are non-writers.

So, the burning desire, a taste of failure, meaningful intention and plenty of intensity became my recipe for starting this literary movement in the non-fiction, business and professional circles. I call it the expert-industry. Any expert, whether it is small or big, in any industry or sector, should have their own, internationally published book even if they don't know where to start or how to write it. And, that's exactly what we do at Stardom Books.

3. What has been your biggest challenge that you faced and how did you overcome that?

There were many challenges along the way. In fact, if someone says there were no big challenges in their life, then they are not trying hard enough. Apart from technical challenges, financial difficulties, time limitations, the biggest challenge was to overcome fear.

Yes, it's the fear of new things, fear of change, fear of making a mistake, fear of the unknown -- these are the bigger challenges than any other obstacles for people. I was fortunate and blessed to be able to recognise this early in my career and that's why I believe that I am serving the top leaders in different industries across the world, as their trusted publisher and advisor.

4. What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur?

Successful entrepreneurs as well as professionals, including high-performing employees have three qualities in common. Resilience, Curiosity, and the Urge for Continuous growth or improvement. 

Their curiosity makes them explore unchartered territories, their resilience helps them dust off adversities and failure, while their urge for continuous improvement and growth makes them exceptional leaders and high-performers. They realise the importance of people and relationships. 

They are always thinking about value distinction, which means, how to place themselves in a unique position by creating so much value that they leave their competitors eating their dust. That's how our authors become so big amongst their competitors right after they create their own books. 

They don't have to use cut-throat competition tactics because they know how to get the attention and trust of the people they want to reach with their message in their own books. Successful people provide lots of hope and help to other people with their service, compassion, products, and offers. 

They strive to improve everything they do for reaching their higher purpose and meaning in life. All this takes courage and strength. That's why there are fewer successful people than failures.

5. What are some of the most important factors for running a successful business?

At the top most level, you will need vision and purpose. At the next level you will need strategies like operations, partnerships, collaborations, management etc. At the lowest level, you will need tactics like marketing tactics, advertising tactics, etc. 

At the most fundamental level, I remember my Dad who always used to say, "Do you work with utmost 'Bhakti' & 'Shraddha'", which is equivalent to 'Devotion' and 'Respect'.

6. What are your tips for first time and aspiring entrepreneurs?

The world is in chaos right now and it needs YOU to show up and... LEAD the people. You are bigger than you think. You are smarter than you imagine. You are more capable than other think about you. Show up as your best self, each and every day, and bring the joy to your work. Do not expect the work to give you joy. You bring it along with you, every day. 

Also, expect the struggle or even welcome and embrace it because, without honouring struggle, there won't be any challenges to overcome. With challenges you won't grow. There WILL be frustrations, disappointments and even betrayal. Accept and embrace. And, always remember, you have everything it takes to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. 

7. How can one overcome a hurdle of lack of funds when starting up?

In today's crowd-connected world, lack of funds is not at all an excuse anyone can give. It was a hurdle back in the olden days when money was only available with either Banks or Lenders. Today, if you have a good idea along with a great aspiration, there are angel investors, family & friends, institutional investors, and the most powerful of all, crowd-sourced funds -- available to anyone, in any corner of the world. You just have to have the courage to ask. You will get it.

Raam Anand

Raam Anand is a two-times bestselling author and one of the most followed and respected leadership and publishing coaches in the world.

He works with entrepreneurs, experts and professionals in the US, India and rest of the world, helping them overcome tricky obstacles and avoiding painful business failures so that they become extraordinary by massively increasing their business and influence in their industry.

According to industry statistics and magazine reports, Raam is one of the world's leading coaches and publishing advisors. He built multiple businesses in North America and Asia, grossing several millions of dollars in revenue. He has trained hundreds of thousands of CxO's, Experts, and Thought-leaders through his books, online courses, video training, and his live workshops, seminars and conferences.

Raam has spent over 20 years researching, coaching, and training on business and high performance to bring you the very best strategies for improving your business, life, and well-being.

Get more advanced strategies, additional training, access downloads and watch his videos at Raam Anand

- Interviewed By Paramjeet 

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