Zoe Gara - I Have Trained In Karate My Whole Life And Have Been A 10 Time National Champion And Competed In Two World Championships, A Part Of The Australia Team (Influencer, Australia)


I reached this stage. In 2020 I reached 100k after working with big brands and posting quite consistently

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I have lived in Melbourne Australia my whole life as a greek australian! I used Instagram at quite a young age just the way we all used it when it first came about. When I was around 15 -16 I travelled greece for my 6th time, and began to post travel oriented photos and bikini photos. Since then I loved capturing moments and the fun of taking Instagram photos! 

2. How did you become a model and reach this stage?

It’s hard to say how exactly I reached this stage. In 2020 I reached 100k after working with big brands and posting quite consistently. These brands initially reached out to me, helped my growth and helped me deliver content! Since then, it’s been easier to grow on the platform therefore I’ve been able to work with even more brands and get my name and page out there. 

3. What is your opinion of body image created by the media and how hard is it to put up with it?

I think it is horrible what social media has created when it comes to body image. It has made everybody want to look the exact same, with no uniqueness which is what truly makes someone…them! It’s hard to see large influential people who lie about their surgeries, because of the effect it has on young girls. 

It has a harmful effect because it makes them believe it’s natural to look the way of the current beauty standard, and that they are not enough. 

4. How important is social media validation in your profession?

Social media validation is nowhere near as important as real life validation. It is important in regards to keeping consistent growth and income, but being a good person and real to everyone around me is all that matters in terms of validation. 

5. How can one take care of their mental health in this high pressure glamorous field?

You can take care of your mental health simply by not caring and not letting anyone get to you. When you stop caring what other people think about you, you’ll begin to shine and no one will seek to bring you down. 

I used to struggle with my confidence after haters would try to bring me down, but then I realised my worth and that it reflects who they are as a person. Knowing your worth is also important, as well as accepting your uniqueness and insecurities and telling yourself you are beautiful just the way you are. 

6. What is the common misconception people have about modelling?

The common misconception is that we are stuck up or that we don’t eat. Everyone is different and every model is different, but speaking on behalf of myself, I have never let social media and modelling get to my head to the point of being stuck up. I have surrounded myself with good, down to earth friends and family, which is very important in shaping a person. 

II look at social media modelling as a fun and rewarding job, but I never place myself on a pedi stool and think down on others. As for not eating, people need to understand that accusing someone of being too skinny and not eating, is the same as calling someone fat or overweight. 

I eat more than people can imagine, I’ve been blessed with good genetics consisting of a fast metabolism. People also do forget I have consistently trained in martial arts my whole life! 

7. What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about? Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?

I was led to start my own page just through the enjoyment of taking, and sharing photos of scenery and outfits. It brings out creativity. It is financially stable to be an influencer to some extent. 

It can be inconsistent at times, wether it’s because you cannot get content in time, you are going through something in your personal life, you only work with a specific brand once and then no more, or you just don’t want to be on your phone! Obviously the amount of income you generate depends on your engagement, which can be hard to reach or maintain. 

8. What do you think influences consumer behaviour?

I think that general preference and inspiration influences consumer behaviour. For someone to return to your page and engage in it, they have to see something they like, whether it’s your style, hair, makeup, workouts, cooking etc, and if it fits their personal preference. Another is inspiration. If people feel inspired by your fitness, fashion sense, makeup skills, travel photos etc, they will engage in the sense to better themselves and motivate themselves.  

9. For a complete outsider with inroads, what advice would you like to give?

Be up for consistency, be strong and don’t let people get to you and make sure you enjoy doing it! If you don’t and it isn’t for you, your expectations won’t be met and it could affect your mental health.

- Zoe Gara

I live in Melbourne Australia, and have a full Greek background. I have trained in karate my whole life and have been a 10 time national champion and competed in two world championships, a part of the Australia team. My goal in life is to travel the whole world and experience great things. I am a creative person who loves taking photos and styling outfits! 

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- Interviewed By Pearlina Marie Rein