Book Review: Something I Never Told You by Shravya Bhinder

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“Nothing is bland or tasteless if there is happiness and hope in our heart”


Author Name: Shravya Bhinder

Genre: Romance

Language: English

What will happen when a shy middle-class guy falls in love with a rich, beautiful, and confident lady? This novel tries to discuss this aspect of love which has been addressed umpteen number of times before. The author still somehow manages to bring freshness into this cliched theme.

So, here I go, my last July read, a quick read by an Indian author. To be honest, I’m not quite fond of Indian Authors especially if the genre is romance. I was provided a copy of this book I exchange for an honest review and here goes my take on this book.

About the Author:

Romance is one of the most loved genres in India and with proper crispiness and uniqueness such novels reach the right hearts. This is proved by popular Indian novelist and author Shravya Bhinder who is today India's one of the best-selling authors. Her books became so famous that her first book sold more than 1 Lakh copies in the first year itself. She can be called an independent author too who self-published on Kindle and thus becoming people's favorite.

Shravya’s books 'Something I Never Told You' and 'To You With Love' have gained her much popularity and fame, making her fans wait for her next book. Both the romantic novels are perfect ode of love.
The books that would make anyone go aww. What makes her different is the way she pens her thoughts. Easy to understand and penetrating straight in the hearts of people. Her words act invincible when it comes to romantic concepts.

About the Book:

Something I Never Told, is a romantic love story of an average-looking guy named Ronnie, who lives in Delhi and has a one-sided love angle with a girl named Adira, who used to stay as a paying guest at his grandma's house. It has been three years that he was following her and not able to tell her about his feelings. 

On the other side, Adira's faith in love was shaken as her parents were getting divorced. To her, love is something that can happen in books and movies only. After three years, Ronnie's fate changes when he comes to know that the girl, with whom he was madly in love, started working with him. 

He gets a chance to go to Australia with her, by their organization, where they interact with each other and become not just friends, but more than that. After returning to India, they started to meet frequently and eventually got involved in a very serious relationship.

We start to take things for granted over the period, and this is what happened with Ronnie as well. His friends always used to demotivate him by saying that he would not be able to win Adira's heart. As time passes, Ronnie's ego grows up and as a result of his huge ego whenever they used to fight, he never used to apologize even when he used to make mistakes. 

However, Adira used to forgive him each time. She always used to say sorry to him. Things got worst when Ronnie ended up his love story with an ugly fight and stating "She is no more to her". That night, Adira met with an accident and went into a coma. Since then, Ronnie is waiting for her to be conscious/live again. He is waiting for the day when she would break her silence and he will get a chance to say "Sorry".

Unfortunately, that day has not come to date the book was published.
Ronnie dedicated this book hoping that one day Adira would break her silence and would read it, as book reading was her favorite pastime.

The author tries to show us the insecurities of Raunak in multiple parts of this book. We can see that he was even uncomfortable with his name and wanted to change it to look cool. It was too much for me to read all his insecurities in the initial part of the book itself, and you will feel that this book is soporific. 

The narration is also a bit slow. But it picks up after the initial hiccups, and the story becomes a fast-paced one after that, and you will love reading it despite few problems in the narrative style.

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My favorite three lines from this book:

“ If your first day with your girlfriend is the most memorable one, it means that you could never really develop the spark you had into a fire.”

“ Love penetrates the hardest of hearts in the blink of an eye.”

“ I was there and I did not help her!”

My Review:

This book is the best one I have read this year. It has everything- Love, Drama, Suspense, and even comedy at some places. The title is apt and the cover is catchy and shows the climax of the story.

The climax of this book is unexpected. We tend to expect happy endings in all stories, but this is not what happened in this one, maybe because the story is based on real-life where a happy ending is not always the case.

The bottom line is, I loved the story. And even if I read this book again I will not get bored, I will read it with the same interest as I had when I read it the first time. And yes, I would recommend this book to other readers.

My rating for this book is 4.9/5
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Written By – Prachi Mann
Edited By - Anamika Malik

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