Top 5 Free Courses To Learn About Cryptocurrency

The world is slowly moving towards a digital economy where the transfer of money and investment is taking place through the medium of digital currency. In the realm of digital currency, cryptocurrency has gained widespread popularity. 

It provides secure transactions and it is not controlled by any central authority/government, which has attracted people towards it all across the globe.

If you’re someone who isn’t sure about what cryptocurrency actually means and gets confused about where to invest, then you have come to the right place. You can enroll yourself for some of the following courses to gain a better understanding of the world of cryptocurrency and make wise decisions.

 1. BLOC-511DL: Introduction to digital currencies

It is one of the first free Massive Open Online Courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology on a global scale. This course is taught by field experts such as George Giaglis, Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis and the material is continuously updated to keep up with the current advances.

If someone wishes to take up this course, they need not possess any prior knowledge on cryptocurrencies or economics and finance. If a student successfully passes the course and wishes to go ahead with a full MSc degree, then they’ll receive credit if they are able to pass their assessment.

2. Coursera- Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies

This course is taught by the instructor Arvind Narayanan of the Princeton University. After the completion of this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of cryptographic building blocks and the reason behind their security.

It also touches upon technical concepts such as bitcoin mining and familiarizes the learner with the future of Bitcoin in the world. The syllabus also includes studying altcoins and how bitcoin achieves decentralization. 

Although there is no certificate provided at the completion of the course, the course is free and provides the basic knowledge required about cryptocurrencies.

3. EdX (Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies) offered by UC Berkely

Taught by instructor Rustie Lin and Mengyi Wang, this course has been developed by blockchain at Berkeley and UC Berkeley’s faculty of the computer science department. This course covers the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space and the course length is estimated to be six weeks.

It includes the basics of smart contracts, the Ethereum platform and the building of decentralised applications. One can learn about the practical applications of bitcoin as well as how to destroy bitcoins, through the medium of this course.

This course is open to people belonging to any background. Anybody who wants to kick-start their career as a blockchain developer, crypto traded, researcher, consultant, etc. can benefit from this course. 

Apart from that, anybody who is interested in cryptocurrencies and wants an introduction to bitcoin technology can also take up this course.

4. Udemy- Introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Cryptocurrency is about to change the way in which we deal with money in the future and this course will tell you all about it. The benefit of taking this course includes access to a community of entrepreneurs, experts and investors who are interested in this technology of Bitcoin.

This community will help you with the knowledge and resources that you need in order to start your own mining system or get a job in this field. This course will give you theoretical knowledge of bitcoin/blockchain technology from an economic and technical perspective. 

Moreover, it will also make you aware of the opportunities that this technology presents for entrepreneurs.

5. DeveloperWorks- Blockchain essentials

This course offers an introduction to blockchain technology which uses a dynamic shred ledger that has helped to save time during transactions, eliminate the role of intermediaries, increase security and decrease the risk of fraud. It will also introduce you to blockchain for businesses.

The objectives of this course are to introduce the learner to the challenges faced by business networks and how using blockchain technology for recording and processing transactions can resolve these challenges. There are no prerequisite courses required to enroll for this course, it is free and self-paced.

After the completion of this course, one would be more aware of the blockchain and distributed ledger systems, in a business environment, transfer of assets in a blockchain network and IBM’s Blockchain strategy.

Written By - Himanshi Nebhnani




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