Pratiksha Jaiswal - If You’re Planning to Become a Full Time Blogger Now It Can Be Tricky but Not Hard (Food Blogger, India)


One fine day one of the popular food chain loved my Zomato review and hence offered me a good discount that gave me a kick to finally post something.

Tell us about your upbringing, background and journey.

I'm born and bought up by a family who loves food unconditionally. We take our traditions and food culture very seriously hence the love for the food and it's authenticity has always been cherished.

I'm a MBA in Marketing but started by food journey 3 years back when I was graduating. It all started just as a hobby. I love use to explore and was the one who will not order the usual dish hence my family and friends used to rely on me for the suggestions.

This leads to start a page to let people know my experiences. It went well and now we are here and I just can't stop myself from continuing this.
I'm a full time food Influencer now and I love every part of it not only that but this Lockdown made me fall in love with baking and that made me start my own food venture by Bingelife by Pratiksha Jaiswal.

When did you start blogging?

I posted the first picture on instagram on 25th Oct 2018, it's been almost 3 years now.

Although I started a page 2-3 months earlier but didn't had the guts to post. One fine day one of the popular food chain loved my Zomato review and hence offered me a good discount that gave me a kick to finally post something.

Which is your favourite dessert & what makes you appreciate it?

I've been huge fan of Tiramisu and Baklavas.

As a coffee lover Tiramisu has everything one needs, the perfect lady finger biscuits that are dipped in coffee gives us the well bitter taste with the creamy mascarpone cheese makes it exquisite.

Baklavas because the pastry layers with the dry fruits in it gives the perfect crunch and the desi ghee just makes it better.

Trust me it's heaven, you won't stop after one.

Should food blogging be just a passion or can it become a regular career?

It can be a passion for those who don't have patience, but food blogging as a regular career will do wonders.

Keeping in the mind the current scenario their is waste stream of content on social media now but the consumption has become less, so if you're planning to become a full time blogger now it can be tricky but not hard.

Just be patient, consistent and trust your efforts.

Which restaurants/food joints would you recommend to food lovers?

Honestly, there are many restaurants that I love to the core. As a Nagpuri I love saoji. So come to Nagpur and I'll show you the most epic places that's serves soaji food

What does your typical day look like?

I start my day with black coffee and workout , yesterday's calories must be removed.

Following with bunch of shoots sometimes or orders depending on the schedule planned. Sometimes I explore street food and try to cover the new content available in the market.

Then I edit the content just the day I shoot to avoid my work load.

Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

I'm full desi and will definitely associate with something like Dabeli, it's khatta meetha!

Interview By - Neha Bhadoriya

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