Varun and Vatsala - When We Both Met One Thing Which We Had in Common Was Our Love for Food and Travel (Food Vloggers from India)

Not all days are same for us. As I am a software engineer I have a very tight schedule in my office hours but I anyhow make the time for our Instagram page, I also cook well so sometimes apart from shooting and capturing food pics I do cook for our Instagram videos too. 

Tell us about your upbringing, background, and journey.

Vatsala:- I was brought up by very open-minded parents and grandparents. I hail from a doctor + business family. I am born and brought up in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) which is famous for its poha, jalebi, samosa and so much more. My granny is from UP so I have had a food culture mix from both states. Since my childhood, I remember my mom and dadi used to make all sorts of amazing dishes and sweets in the home itself. I liked to help them in the kitchen.

When I was in 5th class i made my first dal, chawal, and aloo fry. Since then I had created special bond with food, which is now turned into food blogging. I am Masters in Pharmacology with that I have also done certification in food and nutrition. But deep down in my heart i wanted to reach out to a huge crowd sharing my love for food. 

Food which I  believe is not only for taste but in actual Food is medicine. And i am willing to share my learning with others. 

Varun:- I belong from business + service class family. I hail from Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) which is known  for its food love. Every person whom i know are foodie here. Since my childhood my taiji used to take my help for frying puris in our house. I always helped my mom out of my own interest to make chips and papad with her. We used to live in joint family of 15 people. I can say that my life surrounded around food. 

When we both met one thing which we had in common was our love for food and travel. She was bit more foodie than I was. So now we both hailing from UP and MP culture have combined our journey and now we love to curate recipes, seek out for some nani-dadi recipes, authentic Indian recipes from all the corners of India as we both believe that Indian is the most diversified country in the world when comes to culture and food. 

Thinking of this what else can be a better platform than social media. We both decided to take our passion into profession. We can proudly say that we travel for food.

When did you start blogging?

We started blogging in the mid of 2019 post our wedding.

What type of content do you enjoy creating more - lifestyle, food, or travel-related?

We love to travel for food.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced in this industry?

In doing so we have always and still. Face challenges like going with such quickly changing trends. Its also not so easy to reach out to people when you have competition and a huge arena to fulfill but still facing all those challenges and making our distinct name in this industry we have this quote in our heart by our mentor:- "Rise to the challenge that life presents you. You can't develop genuine character and ability by sidestepping adversity and struggle"

What does your typical day look like?

Varun- Not all days are same for us. As I am a software engineer I have a very tight schedule in my office hours but i anyhow make the time for our Instagram page, i also cook well so sometimes apart from shooting and capturing food pics i do cook for our Instagram videos too. 


Vatsala:- For me I spend my whole day in creating recipes, editing the videos for Instagram as well as my YouTube channel, and i love to learn more about my field and like to upskill myself with some certifications and like to learn more about our food community, engaging with our audience and when whole day ends i like to plan for my next day in the night. 

Which is your favorite dessert & what makes you appreciate it?

Vatsala:-My favorite dessert is kada prasada aka ate ka halwa because I had this for the first time in Golden temple and since than its so close to my heart. How simple is to make this aate ka halwa and to bring out that same taste like gurudwara one must need to have that same feeling while cooking it. 


Varun:- Mine I would say will be gajar ka halwa, as i have very fond memories of this dessert with my cousin brother from my childhood.

Which is your favorite movie/show?

Vatsala:- My all-time favorite shows:- Big Bang Theory, Madam CJ Walker, and the movie- 3 idiots.

Varun:- one of my favorite movie is - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar.

Shows:- Money heist, Game of thrones.

Interviewed by - Yashika Khanna

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