Inside Bill's Brain: Five Lessons From The Tech Mogul And Billionaire

Source: Netflix

Bill Gates, the fourth richest man in the world is the founder of Microsoft. As of June 2022 his worth is over $100 billion, as Microsoft has risen to create the number 1 operating system brand. Continuous development has brought him to this phase of success.

We all wanted to be successful but what path to be chosen is a big task. Bill Gates is the biggest motivation for everyone to look upon. Let’s what are his success lessons. What he wants to impart to the youth.

5 biggest lessons from Bill Gates:

  1. Start as early as possible:  Bill Gates was only 13 years old when he started working with computers. When you are young, you are more agile. You hustle more, you are keen to learn and rate of giving up is low. 

  1. Be Committed and Passionate:  A successful entrepreneur is the one who is passionate about his work, about his startup, about his product. You will successful once you are committed to what you do. The work you are doing gives you happiness and you love everything what you do. 

  1. Live your Values: when you let the world know what you’re about, you start becoming a center point and attract people with same values. At Microsoft, Bill Gates attracted the personnel  who have passion to change the world and the join him on the journey to help create better lives through tech and innovation.

  1. A sense of urgency:  World is changing drastically and so do the habits, wants and needs of the customer. If timely we didn’t recognize the demand in the market we will lose our space. Similarly, it is important for one to be dynamic and agile so that the market changes can capture easily.

  1. Make an Impact: Do things to make an impact not just because you can. Do things because it matters. Bill Gates invest in the cause not because he is able to but to support it, nurture and it make an impact on society by introducing such causes in the world.

Bill Gates is truly an inspiration for everyone and these five things are not just the only lessons one can learn. He is an amazing personality and greatest philanthropist who everyday motivates each and every youngster to change the world with innovation. 

If want to know more of Bill Gates you can watch his documentary "Inside Bill’s Brain" on Netflix. Through this you will know the journey how Bill became The Bill Gates.

Written by: Rinki Khanna

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