Learn How To Make Sweet-Smelling Potpourri In 4 Steps

Do you want to brighten up your living room aura with sweet smells that will leave you feeling refreshing and energetic? That’s what potpourri is for! 

It is a mixture of dried ingredients, spices, and oils that scent a room. Its ingredients can vary according to the tastes of the maker, but they all give off distinct flavors if preserved. You can prepare your own classic potpourri in 4 steps.


Making a Potpourri: 

To make a spicy potpourri, gather petals, cloves, and orange peels, and even cinnamon sticks. These ingredients will complement each other's smells and looks. The sweet smell of the petals, the tang of the orange peels and cloves will all bounce off each other to give a delicious smell.  

Collect pine cones, pine needles and peonies for a winter potpourri. These will work amazingly during the holidays and will give off a crisp, wood bark scent. Other suggestions for ingredients include roses, and cedar bark. 

You can use your own taste of ingredients and experiment away! Combine together flowers, fruits, tree woods, spices and scents that all come under the same variety or contrast each other.  

Laying your ingredients out to dry:  

Collect all your ingredients, lay them out with ample space on a baking sheet. Make sure they are in 1 layer and not overlapping each other. Allow them all to dry for about 2 weeks. Placing them in sunlight will make them dry out faster. The ingredients will become crumbly and flaky once they become dry.  

Activate the scents: 

Pour your dried ingredients into an airtight container, preferably something transparent. Take care not to crush your ingredients while pouring them. Next, add two drops of any kind of scented essential oil into the mixture. Rose oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, orange oil, honeysuckle oil are all good choices. Seal the container tightly and leave it in a cool dry place where it won’t be disturbed for about 6 weeks.  

Displaying your Potpourri: 

When you’re ready, you can pour the ingredients into a plate, bowl or dish without a lid or cover so the scent gets to the air around it. Your potpourri scent should last for about 2 months.  

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