Harshak Sinha - Marketing Is the Hero You Need for Your Business to Boom (CEO Digitea & Influencer with 130k+ Followers)


Harshak Sinha

I was always very keen about business, finance and entrepreneurship, especially when I was around 17. I was very much inclined towards my own personal development. I used to consume content based on that. I actually planned on launching all this in my first year of college but lockdown made me rethink about it!

1. Tell us more about your company and your journey.

I’ve always been in this field of content creation, cinematography, and storytelling since my 8th standard, and did a few projects here and there actively! In 2021 I thought why not put the same amount of effort, knowledge and experience I've gained on creating my own venture. I started this when I was 17, in 2021! With the motive to educate people about business and the importance of self awareness and development. 

I’ve my own NGO too, with the name of Helping humans forum which i started in 2020, and within a month made a team of 20+ students to go for food drives, distribute clothes especially during the covid times!

2. How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it?

I was always very keen about business, finance and entrepreneurship, especially when I was around 17. I was very much inclined towards my own personal development. I used to consume content based on that. I actually planned on launching all this in my first year of college but lockdown made me rethink about it! 

What’s the reason I should start late? I didn’t have an answer to that, and I was very passionate about video creation. I felt that I had the right set of experience, taste and knowledge in order to start something of my own in this!  All these things complemented each other and yes it pushed me to create content, one thing led to another! 

3. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content for your Instagram?

There’s no such definite way, I usually try to cover trending topics,  and research through articles, books, and news. But that’s only the way I extract content, the actual work goes in when I do my research. I learn about the different terminologies, business logic, and case studies in order to make a piece of content that is more on the valuable side with good power-packed reasoning. After that, the effort goes in making it simple, adding humor and storytelling to make it entertaining, fun, and valuable at the same time!

4. How did you create your 1st reel on Instagram? Tell us more about its journey.

Off! It was hectic, when I used to do it earlier in my 8-9th I had all the equipment provided and it was done in a very controlled environment with a team! But here, I was doing it on my own, I purchased a good mic, wore a shirt, had my Samsung phone which was not having that great quality, and switched off my fan, it was all very humid in my room I was sweating a lot, and that’s when I realised my mic was not connecting! 

I was like: OMG! So much preparation and the one thing important to be working is backfiring! But ya soon I got more comfortable, knew all the Jugaad, and yes innovated each day and till date doing that, in order to increase the quality! 

5. How do you earn through Instagram and your reels? What are your sources of earnings as a content creator?

Umm, reels in particular have not given me any income as Instagram as a platform is not providing any monetisation, only when we get brand collaborations that monetizes a particular reel. But yes, apart from that my content attracts businesses: they hire me for content strategy, making videos, a little bit of content related, and social media plans. A few good companies hire me to create videos for their page. Also, I've been actively working on building my own startup since last one year. 

6. What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur?

There are many soft and hard skills one needs to possess in order to be a successful entrepreneur. I feel, mainly they need Good communication and networking skills. It was something that has helped a lot to grow in this field. To learn from the best in the industry. Apart from that most importantly, patience, discipline, and hardwork. 

One needs to create a flow in his/her life in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Research about your product, study competition, analyze the market and there’s a lot more! And to spice that up: passion! Without that, you can never innovate, expand or scale yourself as well as your business. 

7. What are some of the most important factors for running a successful business?

Management, skilled team, and marketing. Having the right set of people with the right skills with a passion of their own field is very important. The prime challenge with the business is to find people who understand their vision, see their personal benefit in that and work in the direction for overall business growth. Plus, you need a good management team, having the right people, right vision is good,  but if you don't have the right set management who does not know how to handle that energy, intentions and channelise it, it would lead to a lot of chaos.  

8. What are some of the best career advice that you have ever received?

It is to explore, innovate and allow yourself to take risks. If you want to make it big, you have to get your hands dirty! It is very important for one to allow themselves to research about different options, and opportunities available in the market. Things have changed a lot, skills, and personality are more valued than your degrees. 

9. What are your views on the fact that marketing and business are changing so drastically?

Now marketing is not just about merely promoting your product, features, and brand. It’s about attracting customers with relatable ads, making it unique. Marketing is the hero you need for your business to boom. Many don’t give value to social media, marketing, and ads, which creates havoc! The new era demands that! It demands you to fit in the culture, the culture that demands you to have a brand, be modern, be on social media etc… So in order to adapt to these drastic changes you need to fit in the culture.   

10. Was there any setback in your journey that you later realised was a stepping stone?

Probably, when I was not getting any reach. There was a time when my views and everything suddenly dropped! That made me rethink and repurpose my content, it didn't demotivate me, it pushed me to produce much better content, so anyone who thinks that the downfall is the reason to stop, no it’s the reason to innovate and change.


Interviewed By - Shashank Sehgal