Crochet Made Easy: Essential Tips and Techniques for Beginner Crocheters

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I started crocheting about a year ago. I started working on a cardigan immediately without learning any basics. It was hard for me at the beginning but then it got easier. and on a Facebook group, I am in, there was a huge discussion about whether is it better “to start with learning basics so later you can make any piece by only looking at it without needing any patrons”. Or “to start by crocheting a piece and by the time you will learn everything about crocheting”. 

And my opinion about that is if you want to be professional in crocheting and that maybe become your source of income it is better to start with basics. And if it is just a hobby for you and you do not mind crocheting unperfect pieces it is ok to start by crocheting. And as they say, "The best way to learn how to swim is by being thrown into water".

Whatever the way you decided to learn I hope this article becomes your first step in crochet.

Why Crochet Is Important?

1. Lessens tension and stress

An excellent method to unwind and reduce stress is to crochet. Crocheting's repetitive motions can assist to relax the body and mind, and it's a terrific method to divert your attention from your troubles.

2. Enhances fine motor abilities 

Fine motor abilities, which are necessary for activities like writing, eating, and dressing, can be improved through crocheting. The small, exact movements needed for crocheting can aid in developing hand and finger coordination and strength.

3. Promotes creativity

A wonderful method to show your creativity is through crocheting. When it comes to crocheting, there are countless options, from the kind of yarn to the colors and patterns. Learning new skills while crocheting, such as creating your own patterns, can be quite beneficial.

4. Offers a sense of achievement

A terrific way to feel accomplished is by crocheting. When a project is over, you can look back on it with satisfaction and pride. By creating gifts for friends and family, crocheting may also be a wonderful way to give back to the community.

Crochet Kit For Beginners

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1. Yarn

Choosing the color of yarn and its material is very important. You should also put into consideration the weight and length of your yarn.

2. Hook

There is a variation in hook size that we are going to discuss later.

3. Scissors

Small scissors that you can keep with you anywhere are all that you need.

4. Tape measure

You may need them in some projects to measure something or to measure yourself.

5. Needles

To weave in the beginning and end of your projects. Needles vary in size according to the thickness of the yarn.

6. Stitch markers

You will need Stitch markers a lot but are not necessary to be bought. I saw many people using different things as stitch markers such as hairpins.

Which Crochet Needle To Use?

Use a hook that is the same size or slightly larger than the yarn you are using. This will help to create a fabric that is the correct tension.

If you are using a yarn that is labeled as "worsted weight," you can usually use an H/8 5mm hook. However, if you find that your stitches are too tight, you may need to use a larger hook.

If you are using a yarn that is labeled as "bulky weight," you can usually use a J/10 6mm hook. However, if you find that your stitches are too loose, you may need to use a smaller hook.

It is important to experiment until you find a hook size that works for you. The best way to do this is to crochet a Swatch of fabric using different hook sizes. Once you find a size that you like, you can use that hook size for your project.

Crochet Without hook

The puffy yarn is a type of yarn that you can crochet without hooks, and it is super easy. You can use it to make blankets, scarves, or many things else.

A baby blanket would take about 6-7 balls of yarn. And as a beginner, it took me less than a week.

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Crochet VS Knitting


  • Uses two knitting needles to interlock loops of yarn while in crochet you use only one.

  • Creates a fabric with a more closed, smooth appearance while in crochet you use a more open, textured appearance fabric.

  • Knitting is typically used to create garments, such as sweaters, socks, and hats while in crochet you can make more variable things.

  • Generally considered to be more difficult to learn than crochet.

Maybe when you think about crochet what comes to your mind is a grandma sitting on a sofa next to her cat and crocheting. That is a completely wrong stereotype. Crochet is suitable for everyone and for all ages.

Written by: Heba Salah