Ankit Agarwal- Healthy Client Relationships Are The Foundation Of Our Business (CEO of Dean Infotech)

Being a CEO is an up-and-down journey. It's exciting to see Dean Infotech grow, but the responsibility can be overwhelming, especially when difficult decisions must be made. To make decisions for the greater good of our organization, we must pay close attention, adapt, and have the guts.

1. Please tell us something about your early days & career story.

In the early phases of my professional career, I started as a Software Analyst at Computer Sciences Corporation. This phase was marked by the acquisition of essential ideas and insights, which shaped my understanding of the business landscape.

The experience in Chennai not only sharpened my technical skills but also created a solid basis for negotiating the complexity of the business world. My career path eventually brought me to Ford Motor Company's IT branch in Gurgaon, where I was exposed to new difficulties and learned more about the dynamic world of information technology.

It was during this revolutionary period that I understood the time had come to transfer from a well-established career to entrepreneurship, which resulted in the establishment of Dean Infotech. This critical decision marked a turning point in my career. This was primarily the case because the decision was motivated by a strong desire to carve my own path in the exciting world of enterprise solutions and IT consulting.

2. What's your biggest challenge when it comes to people management?

Being the team leader is a true art. The hardest part, in my opinion, is getting each team member to feel motivated and valuable. Striking the correct balance between pursuing excellence and cultivating a healthy working culture is critical to our overall success. Our commitment is to promote continuous education and employee growth, thereby equipping our workforce with the skills required in our rapidly evolving industry.

3. What is the best and the worst part of being a CEO?

Being a CEO is an up-and-down journey. It's exciting to see Dean Infotech grow, but the responsibility can be overwhelming, especially when difficult decisions must be made. To make decisions for the greater good of our organization, we must pay close attention, adapt, and have the guts.

4. Which is your favorite book and why?

"The Lean Startup"; by Eric Ries is a reliable guide for me. It made me realize how important it is to continually evolve and change. This book had a significant impact on my management of Dean Infotech, especially in the early stages.

It has been a guide that has influenced our business strategy and decision-making, not just a book. Even now, the lessons I took away from the book are relevant. At Dean Infotech, it serves as a reminder to be adaptable and constantly seek out methods to improve.

5. What role do ethics and social responsibility play in your leadership style and decision-making?

Integrity and social responsibility are central to the way I lead. Being honest and dedicated to our clients and social initiatives is a fundamental principle. Upholding moral principles creates a foundation for long-term success and fosters client trust.

6. What inspired you to start Dean Infotech, and how has your vision for the company evolved over the years?

My dream came true when I founded Dean Infotech. We began modestly, grew, and emerged as a major player in the IT sector. Our primary goals are to help clients succeed, provide excellent solutions, and adapt to market changes. It's always been about making dreams come true.

Dean Infotech is currently more than just a company; it is a journey of growth and change that ensures our continued leadership in the IT consulting industry. Our commitment to quality distinguishes us from the competition, establishing our reputation as a dependable brand in the field, achieving objectives, and demonstrating that dreams can come true in the business world.

7. How does Dean Infotech approach talent acquisition and development to ensure a skilled and motivated workforce?

We have a strict hiring process and only consider candidates who fit into our culture and possess the necessary skills. Following hiring, we invest heavily in continuing education, providing a variety of programs and certifications to help employees advance their skill sets. Developing a motivated and competent workforce is just as important as hiring new employees to keep Dean Infotech moving forward.

8. With the rise of remote work and digital transformation, how has Dean Infotech adapted its business practices to stay effective and efficient?

Adopting remote work and the digital transition is now crucial to our flexibility and success. We created a virtual team culture that values effective communication and seamless cooperation by implementing collaborative tools. Optimizing processes for remote efficiency promotes creativity and collaboration in a flexible workplace. This adjustment improved internal operations, resulting in attractive job opportunities. We now have access to a global pool of highly skilled professionals, allowing us to better adapt to the new business climate.

9. What strategies has Dean Infotech employed to build and maintain strong client relationships?

Healthy client relationships are the foundation of our business. We place a strong emphasis on communication, guaranteeing openness at all project stages. Long-term relationships are strengthened by our dedication to providing excellent service, going above and beyond for our clients, and holding frequent meetings and feedback sessions.

10. How do you envision the future of Dean Infotech in terms of growth and expansion, both in terms of services offered and geographical reach?

The future of Dean Infotech seems bright and promising. Expanding our offerings is one of our strategic goals to keep us at the forefront of IT innovation.

Geographically, we aim to fortify our positions in the US and India while broadening our global presence by breaking into new markets. The main objective is to develop into a full-service provider of IT solutions with the ability to deliver excellence on a global level.

Interviewed and Edited By- Pragya Lamba