Public Speaking is all about touching the hearts of your audience. - Vishal Bhardwaj

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1. Tell us more about what you do and what led you to speak on this platform.

I have worked with corporate world as a Data Scientist before turning my career to public speaking. And well, the transition was not easy, but absolutely worth struggling for. I am now the Co-Founder for two new verticals, EngineerByMistake and PredictionsForSuccess.

2. How do you chose and prepare for a talk?

I generally talk on subjects that have made an impact on each of us. So the first step before a talk is, to find the subject to talk upon. This subject must be something that I not just have knowledge about but also an interest. For me, it is also very important that my talk must open those pages of the subject that have not talked about yet.

3. How can one become a public speaker?

It all starts with collaboration of your thoughts. The easy way is to pen down what is going in your mind. Reach people with your views and be open for their feedback, belief and approach toward your content. Once it reaches the correct audience, you will automatically start getting opportunities for telling it on stage.

4. Can motivational speaking become a full time career?

Absolutely, it’s the lifeline for all. Whether we are doctors, engineers, lawyers or student, we all need a person that motivate us and help us achieve our goal. A person that is unbiased and shows us the right direction of life. A person with whom we can talk about our dreams without feeling judged. The job of motivational speaker is to help building legends of the society and it is absolutely a never-ending full time job.

5. Which is your favourite talk ever and how did it change your life?

I talked about inner engineering and mantra of success on TEDx and I think that was something I am especially proud of. This was one of the few times when I took a casual approach of public speaking and it was an absolute hit among the young audience of the event. I always believed that public speaking is not just about great vocabulary or fluency of language; it’s about touching hearts, it’s about connection of emotions and this talk further concreted my belief.

6. What are the best public speaking tips that have worked for you?

“People listening to you are your friends, don’t try to treat them anything else”
This tip has helped me throw away any shyness or fear of stage or fear of rejection or fear of failure.

7. What impact do you want to make in the world?

We all grew up with the mindset that kids are either “mediocre” or “best” or “he can do a lot but he/she doesn’t concentrate” ; I want to change this. I believe that we all are best in something. The only difference between struggling and successful people is that they have figured out what they are best at. And, I want to see a world where everyone is a winner.

 8. Which is your favourite book and why?

I read a lot of books but without even thinking twice, Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta is my favorite book. This book is special because every time you read this, you find a new meaning of the same line. Read it when you are happy, and you will find the message of being content; read it when you are sad, and you will find the message of being persistent. I will totally recommend it to all (not because of religious point of view but because it’s really worth reading)

Vishal Bhardwaj : Data Scientist | Motivational Speaker | corporate coach 

Interview By : Vishal Nagar

Public Speaking is all about touching the hearts of your audience. - Vishal Bhardwaj Public Speaking is all about touching the hearts of your audience. - Vishal Bhardwaj Reviewed by Shradha on May 04, 2020 Rating: 5

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