8 Ways To be a Good Leader

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Youve been appointed as the new group head. You are clueless where to start and how to go about. Dont worry we are here to help you with some tips.
How badly all of us wanted to be the class monitor when we were in school? You must have wanted to become the society president one day.Everyone has the desire to lead from the front, who doesnt like power? Well, leadership is less about power and more about responsibility. It doesnt matter whats the institution, a leader has to help those under him to grow and evolve, under all conditions. 

This responsibility becomes more difficult to take on if you are new in the organisation or a first-time head. There is always the probability of politics, groupism, comparison with your predecessor, pressure of new challenges, non-cooperation etc. which are some of the most common issues faced by the leaders. Leadership is so much about the balance that one could only learn with experience.
But here are a few things to do from the very beginning which can help you become the most loved and productive leader in no time.

1. Improve Communication with All

Great communication is always the key to a better team and its a heads role to establish that with the team and among them. Make sure you are approachable so that your team can reach out to you and get their doubts solved easily. Your team should feel free to express their views without hesitation. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are easy to develop among the leaders and their teams so effective communication with entire team is a must. Although you might define certain boundaries so that you arent taken for granted for being friendly.

2. Respect Everyones Views

One of the most common mistakes that a leader commits is to start acting like a boss. No one appreciates someone who ignores other's viewpoints and does things the way only they want. As a leader, you must learn to listen to everyones ideas and act upon them.This would urge your teammates to push their limits to bring better proposals and options for the company as they believe that their work would be respected, leading to higher productivity.
Though keep in mind that the decision is still yours to make.Dont allow your team to weigh you down with their opinions. 

3. Give Equal Opportunities to Everyone

You are there for the team and each member should be equal for you. Dont let yourself lured into being someone who promotes favoritism, flattery or back bitching. You must remember how you have always detested these practices. Allow each of your team members to have equal chances in the job at hand. If someone is lacking behind, make them come forward and help them grow. Try not to rank anyone because each teammate is valuable in their own aspect.

4. Support and UnderstandTeam Members

Its very important that you understand your team, evaluate their personality and skills, know their way of working and provide them with the jobs best suited for them. Understand their aspirations and needs. Instead of being judgmental, extend support both personally and professionally if at all they are facing any issues. After all, its affecting their productivity at work and you must ensure nothing effect work.You would surely gain their respect if you stand by them through their thick and thin.

5. Highlight Highs, Cover Lows

When you are the head, you better know their strengths and weaknesses. It would be amazing if you would help highlight the good quality of your team members in your organization. Praise them in public and acknowledge the exceptional work. If at all theres a lapse from their side, instead of playing the blame game, make up for their mistakes while making them understand the seriousness of the situation internally. This would solidify your place as a leader and make your team work better.

6. Trust Your Team 

Now that you have your team working in full force under you, its time to delegate work among your team and supervise them. Supervision doesnt mean hovering over them or poking them continuously. Trust them and let them do their job. Tell them you believe in their work and raise their confidence. You can check the progress of work through asking for reports after a set interval of time. The trust you put in them would make them feel more responsible and theyll surely be more diligent to work under a good leader.

7. Be Ready and Focused 

You never know when life could throw you a googly on the pitch of work. Its better to be prepared beforehand for any potential turn downs. Enhance your problem-solving skills and keep a strong mind. Youre the leader, hence you must know how to deal with unforeseen circumstances because there are people under you, expecting you to steer the boat to safety. Dont lose courage and while keeping your calm, search for alternative ways to come out of the problematic situation. You must also possess the ability to take risk and think out-of-the-box to bring in innovation and freshness in your field of work. Your team would automatically follow suite.

8. Good Motivator

A good motivation is exceptionally crucial for your problem-solving better. You must know how to motivate your team members in low phases of productivity. Its your team and solely your work to ensure they give their best, put utmost effort towards completion of targets and getting result-oriented jobs done for the company. Your team looks up to you for motivation to move further with their work, so its imperative youre a motivated too. Reward your team if they do good, cheer them up to try harder if they miss their goal. Spread positive energy through optimism.

All the aforementioned tips can act as a good suspension system foryour leadership ride to be smooth and long-lasting. You would be answerable and accountable for each and every action of your team members and their consequential performance as well. Its better to face the challenge head-on and prove yourself.

Being appointed as a new leader can either fill you with a sense of accomplishment or make you feel like running away the first chance you get. Its advisable to enjoy it. Work hard, uplift your team, and help your organization grow. You got this opportunity is itself signifying that you have all the qualities that one can look for; you just need to display them. Happy leading!!!

Written By - Saakshi Priyadarshini
Edited By - Sravanthi Cheerladinne

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