If You Believe In Yourself Nobody Can Stop You To Achieve What Your Heart Desire - Monika Khanna(TV Actress)

Monika Khanna

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1.Tell us about your journey and background.

Hi, am Monika and am from Delhi and having a non filmy background. In Delhi I always used to think for being capable for doing something in my life, and whatever I have achieved till now is just because of my hardwork my patience and the people behind me who supported me endlessly.

Since I am very inclined towards dancing, and I was a background dancer and learned different versions of dance jazz ,salsa, ballet, free style, solo, bollywood. So  wanted to become an choreographer too but you know that destiny takes you towards your way and I got a chance in Delhi for auditions and got selected but that show didn't happen and I then I got the chance for the auditions for the "Mahi Ve" and there I clicked and the my journey started from there

I am very very greatful to the god the way he supported me got many serials after Mahi Ve like"BhagyaVidhata", "Afsar Bitiya", "Aasmaan Se Aage", "Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha" "Thapki","Ishq Subhanallah" the journey is endless and I have been the part of episodics also and you know if you don't have work need to work for 2- 3 days to earn my bread and butter. But am still greatfull that whatever journey that I have come up with and have many ups and downs but the same time I have become very strong and independent women and this the way you learn from your life facing the challenges.

2. Did you ever think or dream of doing a TV shows?

Yes, I've thought a TV can be a good medium to give a start to my journey. Since I have never gone to any institution of acting so I didn't knew where to started but when I got the opportunity I grabbed it and that's how I learnt by to perform in each show how to do voice modulations there are so many artist who are very down to earth who help you to grow to a better artist and fortunately am blessed to work with them. I am very happy in my TV show never thought to go in films but ya did one international strip called "Alex Strip" its a spanish film

3. How can one approach their career and have the confidence and belief to make it on a TV shows?

If you know yourself and have that much of confidence and focused enough to enter in this industry no one can stop you to enter but their are things that you always remember to enter in this industry that you need to have patience because you everyday feel rejection and one day you'll think you are good for nothing and everyone will think that you are wasting your time in the industry and not capable enough when people start comparing you with others because the competition rises each day but then you have to keep yourself awake and calm everyday and every moment.

The other most important thing is your destiny, more than the hardwork your destiny works in this industry. I have seen many artist who are amazing in their work but they didn't get the opportunity. So destiny is really play a pivotal role in the journey but at the same time if you are confident enough and never give up on your dreams no one can stop you."Believe in your self and never give up"

4. If not this, what would you be doing?

If I would not be an actor may be a choreographer or an interior designer because I really love to decor my home. But I always wanted to become an actor till my last breath. I think after becoming an actor am living two life's one is real and the other one the character that I play by this am leaning so much about life, situation and the whole process is very comendable. My real and reel is making me a better person more stronger and that is how am welcoming my life my hardships my passion with my open arms. These situations and characters are making me a better person

5. For a complete outsider with inroads, what advice would you like to give?

I just want to tell a complete outsider if you are coming in this industry have makeup their mind if their are pros there are cons well, If there is light there is darkness also and have to maintain a balance between this and not to loose their own identity just to see the paparazzi and the kind the fame you get after getting famous. You should never give today or tomorrow the world will know you, you are here in this industry for some reason. Be yourself and original tell the whole world accept the way you are don't change for someone else

6. What is your manta of success?

Hardwork, genuinity and the perfect timing is my mantra of success that I believe. You have to be original and crystal clear what you want in your life that how much you can wait to achieve your dream in your life hardwork and destiny the mixture of the success

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

I am a firm believer of secret and I believe that whatever you sent to universe will come back to you. I always incline towards secret, magic, power of positive thinking thee books inspire me a lot and helps me when I feel little low and I have started reading "Bhagvat Geeta" and Its quite difficult to understand and I think every book has a depth and these book really inspires me a lot

- Monika Khanna

Interviewed by- Gurleen kaur

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