8 Ways to Do a Digital Detox

 Have you seen some people around you utter a word Digital Detox at certain times? How does it sound to you? It is nothing but they tend to have a break from their smart gadgets for a certain period. Digital detox has been carried out to relax your mind and explore the physical world around you. Digital detox refers to refrainment from smartphones, tablets, computers and electronic gadgets for a specific period. Let us quickly check some ways to do a digital detox that would benefit you in all aspects.

1. Have a Device-Free Morning

It seems to be difficult to start our day without mobile phones. But this seems to be one of the worst habits that we incurred so far. Make sure not to touch your phone for at least one hour as soon as you get up. You can lighten up the morning with a cup of tea and read your favourite newspaper.

2. Spend Quality Time with Family

We are in the "Digital era" where we spend most of our time on mobile phones. Gadgets possess great significance in our life. Have we ever thought our mobile is controlling us at most of the times? Yeah, you have found out the answer. It is a big YES. So it is essential to refrain from using the mobile. Spending some quality time with your family seems to be a great idea. Just have a chit-chat with your family about your entire day and help with household chores to keep yourself engaging. You could also cook a fantastic menu together and that's it you are relieved for rest of the day.

3. Inculcate Healthy Habits

It is never late to start healthy habits such as walking, meditation, yoga etc. Exercise and yoga will help you to maintain fit and connect with the external world. Set goals with your fitness friend and try to accomplish it.

4. Have a Limited Social Media Circle

This might not be a surprise to you. Limit the sites you feel unnecessary and spend little time surfing those sites. Also, delete apps which is not benefiting you at any cost. Always subscribe to channels and sites which you feel worthy. Befriend with whom you have good connectivity and ignore negative and fake people. This would create a positive approach in your life. 

5. Track your Phone Usage

Consider keeping a check at the screen time as it will save you from wasting a lot of time on your phone. Install a screen time tracking app which suits your phone type. Switch on the blue light filters which could reduce the eye strain. Try putting your phone on silent mode in leisure times. It would be great to hear if your alarm has snoozed only once. Heheee! You have found out right.

6. Partner with your Pet

"Sometimes losing a pet is more painful than losing a human because, in the case of the pet, you were not pretending to love it" said Amy Sedaris. Not many people's excitement, the pet seems to be a stress buster at much needed time. It is amazing to pair up with your pet when you highly need a break. You are highly fortunate to hang out with your pet when you want a screen break.

7. Follow your hobbies which doesn't need a smartphone

This is to be looked upon. There are plenty of hobbies to cherish without smartphones. You can create your interest in cooking, spend some time with the plants in your garden, read books, play your favourite musical instrument and so on. You can have a time pass without actually having a phone.

8.Re-explore reading and writing 

The habit of neither reading a book from your shelf nor writing anything at the paper is visualized as an old approach. It is a high time to change all these stereotypes. We should re-explore the habit of reading newspapers in the morning. Many apps are being found to make our reading and writing at ease. The correct way to balance between a piece of paper and a notepad app is all we need at this time.


"Too much of anything is good for nothing" is what we heard from a long time. The same applies here. Use your handy device when it is needy. Question yourself whether I need my phone now, before taking it from your pocket, and this may abstain you from overusing it.

Written By - Sathyapriya

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