Dr. Sejal Jaiswal - Things Went Ahead I Won This Miss Nagpur and in 2015 I Won Miss Maharashtra (Model/Physiotherapist from Nagpur, India)


I then did the reality show with MTV dating in the dark. I did two music videos after that then after completing my physiotherapy, I moved out. I am working for all sorts of productions and trying my best here.

1. Tell us about your upbringing, background and journey.

I am working as a model and an actress. As far as my upbringing and background is concerned, I was born in Nagpur. As a child I never thought that I will become a model but I always had something about Bollywood, films and movies which used to excite me a lot.

So things happened for me gradually. 

Now if I talk about my family, I come from a simple family but they are very supportive of whatever I do. Infact, they have always supported me from my modelling days and in decision of moving out and everything. 

There was one thing that I had to complete my education. So I completed my physiotherapy from V.S.P.M’s Nagpur, Lata Mangeshkar College and a few other hospitals. 

I had a pretty usual background like others, but I always wanted to do something different and that is how I decided I would choose this field for me.

2. How did you start and when did you decide to be a model?

Well, it happened when I was in physiotherapy, a friend of mine suggested that I should participate in a small contest. And I actually unexpectedly won that contest. 

I happened to perform in front of the likes of Anil Kapoor and Tushaar Kapoor. While I was there, some photographers spotted me and offered me to get my portfolio done. So I then collaborated through my portfolios and sold my pictures.

I think in 2013, my pictures were noticed by a model in Nagpur. And it was then that I bagged my first shoot in 2013 itself. It was for a drinking water brand and my hoardings were everywhere.  I would say that my modelling career is 50 percent of my fate and 50 percent my hard work.

Things then went ahead and I won Miss Nagpur and in 2015 I won miss Maharashtra. Then within a short span of time, I was short rolled for some designers and E-commerce websites. 

I then did a reality show with MTV - "Dating in the Dark." I also did two music videos after. I then went on to complete my physiotherapy.

I am working for all sorts of productions and trying my best here in Mumbai now.

3. What do you enjoy more Physiotherapy or modelling?

I actually enjoy both the things, but as you know that now, I am completely pursuing my modelling and acting career. Actually, I love both & I can’t pick one.

4. What have been the biggest challenges you faced in this industry?

Things were so fine for me because I was getting work easily and the biggest challenge for me was moving to Mumbai. This does remain my biggest challenge till date. Moving here and working as a model is a wonderful opportunity for me.

5. What does your typical day look like?

So if I am working my typical day is all about my work, if I am shooting then doesn’t matter if I am waking up at 4:30 am in the morning or if I am waking up at 6.30 am or 9 am, because it totally depends on the call times for shoots.

Whenever I am shooting, I just wake up and prepare for my shoot and leave for it and then I shoot for the entire day on most days. And then I come back at home and relax. If I am not shooting, I am not a very early riser. But I still try to like to get up by 9 am, then after that then I have my breakfast. 

It is pretty usual for me to go through some scripts and go through auditions.

Other days, I just workout and come back. I like meeting up my friends. It pretty much depends on my routine & on my work.

6. Which is your favorite movie or show?

Forest Camp is my favourite movie. It’s a Hollywood movie and it is one of my favorite movies. Talking about shows I am not really into shows, I don’t watch shows, instead I love watching movies.

7. What is your success mantra?

I believe in being consistent. I feel success comes to those who are consistent.

Hard work and fate is fine but consistency is something that will definitely bring you success. I believe in being consistent and not giving up ever.

8. Which is your favourite dessert and what makes you appreciate it?

I am not a big fan of desserts but I love Chocolates. But if I had to pick one, I would say that chocolate truffle is my favourite.

Interviewed by – Farhana Khatoon

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