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Depinder Chhibber - My Family Always Encouraged Me to Follow My Passion Which Then Led to Masterchef (MasterChef from Australia)
Raj Arjun - The Setbacks in Your Life Make You Stronger and Those Failures Are a Big Part of Who You Are Now and What You Will Become (Award Winning Actor from India)
Rashmi Jathan - As a Dancer, You Need to Experiment and Experience all the Categories to Know What Exactly Is More Satisfying and Financially Beneficial (Dancer from India)
Laveena Kalra - I Started off With Bharatanatyam Dance Classes at the Age of 4 and Simultaneously Started Learning Western Dance Forms (Dancer from India)
Sarthak Srivastava - Consistency Along With a Proper Flowchart Is Mandatory Whenever You’re Learning Something on Your Own (Music Producer and Composer from India)
Minnat Shah - My Content Aims at Helping Newcomers with Navigating Their Life in Canada (Content Creator From Canada)
Roma Arora - Social Media Has Lot Of Benefits, Only If We Use It The Right Way, It Allows Us To Stay Up To Date & Be Connected To The World (Actor, India)
Eklavey Kashyap - When We Detach Ourselves From the Idea of Being an Actor, We Experience Things More Authentically and Not Through the “Actors Lens” (Actor from India)
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